Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Marijuana Grower Supply Store Opens in Washington: The War on Drugs losing ground in the Nations Capital

I'm not a big fan of marijuana for either personal or medical use. If it relieves pain for people with horrible diseases, who live in pain. Thats great and they should have access to it, as far as it being legal. Its just not someone I would engage in myself, unless I was going through one of those diseases. Similar how to I feel about alcohol and tobacco, so hopefully by now. You know where I'm going with this. When it comes to both Economic and Foreign Policy, I've tended to agree with President Obama. Except when it comes to the debt and deficit, where I don't think he's been very strong there. But when it comes to the War on Drugs, I believe he's been just as bad as the Bush Administration. Or perhaps even the Reagan Administration, Attorney General Eric Holder. Who I believe has done an excellent job when. It comes to Law Enforcement, especially the War on Terror. Has been way to tough and authoritarian, with his raids on Medical Marijuana clinics and stores.

Marijuana is a perfect example of why the Federal Government should step back. And let the States take the lead and lets see what happens with this. If Washington, DC believes marijuana is okay enough to be legal. Then Uncle Sam should but out and actually deal with criminals that cross State Lines. That actually represent a threat to the country, instead of arresting people. For how they live their own lives and see what happens with it. And look into things like regulation and taxation to make marijuana as safe as possible. So its not sold to minors and that sorta thing. Or dealers praying on people who become addicted to it. Marijuana similar to alcohol and gambling. Is a Freedom of Choice issue, as long as your not hurt by it, you should mind your own business.

It starts with Medical Marijuana and then goes to Legalizing Marijuana all together. Something that now Law Enforcement groups now support. Because they saw all of the people they were arresting, just for possessing or using marijuana. And were wondering why, what a waste of time and money. We actually have dangerous criminals that we have to deal with. And the City of Washington will take the next step and Legalize Marijuana all together. Bringing in billions of dollars of new revenue for Washington.

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