Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Associated Press: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney- 'No Military Intervention in Syria'

Source:Associated Press- White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, talking about Syria.
"The White House says it remains opposed to military action in Syria, reasoning that would only lead to more carnage."

From the Associated Press

Source:Associated Press- White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, talking about Syria.
I’m not going to make the case that the United States can police the World. Actually I believe the opposite is true. I believe we are too involved in many places, especially in the developed world that has the resources to defend themselves. Like Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea, but if there’s one thing that America has stood up for over the years, it’s freedom, democracy, self-determination, the rights for individuals to live their own lives. Without being harassed by their own government, human rights.

Basic individual and human rights are the things that people are fighting for over in Syria. That the Assad Regime is so against being the Baathist statists that they are. That they are willing to kill their own people, to prevent them from obtaining those things and as they are doing that. The West as well as the Arab League, is watching them do it and to a certain extent, complaining about how wrong it is and imposing a few sanctions. Which means nothing to an evil dictator, who’s only interested in staying in power. Bashar Assad doesn’t want to serve his people, he’s only interested in ruling over his people and doing whatever it takes to continue to rule over his people.

If you believe liberal democracy is important, actually forget liberal democracy. No one is ever expecting Arabia to be like America. But if you think democracy itself is important, whatever form of democracy it is, then you have to not only be willing to defend it for yourself so you don’t lose it, but assist those who are trying to obtain it for themselves, where you can. Syria like Libya, is an example of where America can help, along with the European Union and the Arab League. Not calling for an American invasion of Syria, we don’t need another Iraq War. We have nine years of experience to prove, the way we went into that doesn’t work.

But we need a coalition to step up and assist the Syrian opposition, at least in the short-term with resources, so they can take the fight to the Assad Regime. And lets see if the Syrian people can take down their own murderous regime themselves. America can’t police the World, we’ve already learned that the hard way, that we simply don’t have the resources to do that. But we can’t afford to stand by and watch the world blow up and see innocent people die, just because they are fighting for their own freedom. Especially since we are a country that’s supposed to think so highly of freedom ourselves. Especially since with all that we’ve paid for freedom ourselves. 

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