Thursday, April 5, 2012

"America's Benign Neglect toward LAC?": Where America can help Latin America

Its true with 9/11 that the United States has focused more on the Middle East. And to a certain extent Eurasia and Asia, to fight the War on Terror. As we should be doing but the fact is there are some problems, as well as potential in Latin America as well. Mexico, where we are involved with them in a War on Drugs and broader War on Crime. As well as fighting Narco Terrorism there as well. There's also a lot of potential in Mexico, that if you look at in on paper. With its large size, population and Natural Resources. On paper should be a First World country. But they have so much crime and corruption and are still being held down. By high poverty, that they haven't come very close in reaching their potential. Even though they've made a lot of progress in the last twenty years or so. Venezuela another country with a lot of potential on paper. Again with its size, population and Natural Resources. But they have a Socialist President in Hugo Chavez, that governs like a Communist Dictator. Who looks up to Fidel Castro. Its not just Brazil thats becoming a First World country that has promise in Latin America. Cuba is another example as well.

The Communist Republic of Cuba as I call them, hopefully one day becoming a Democratic Socialist Republic of Cuba. Has the population, thats educated, that gets decent Healthcare at a decent price. With the new Raul Castro Administration, has moved to privatize parts of their economy already. Like in their Entertainment Industry, Small Business's, hotels, agriculture etc. Has shown signs that they want to move past Fidel Castro Communism. And have been opening up their economy and may headed towards the China Model. Where they open up Economic Freedom and perhaps loosen restrictions on Social Life. But remain a one party Communist State. Which would be a major improvement. Over what they have now and could lead to normalizing relations with America. Something I support with certain conditions. And there's Central America that has some potential as well, especially economic. Like in Panama but has its own crime and corruptions issues as well.

Its in the United States best interest to be engage with its neighbors. Economic and strategic, with fighting terrorism and Narcotics Trafficking. But also they are our neighbors as well and I haven't even mentioned Columbia yet. Where we've been helping them fight their rebels and Narcotics Traffickers. And then there's Argentina that ten years was moving towards becoming a First World nation. Before their Stock Market crash ten years ago and have been struggling to get back ever since. The three countries for me to watch in this area, are Cuba and Mexico. And where are they ten years from now and are we trading and talking to Cuba by then. With the reforms the Castro Administration makes. And Venezuela, President Chavez still their President even a year from now. Or does Venezuela moves past Chavez Authoritarianism.

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