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CNN: Bill Clinton 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech- Home Run

Source: CNN- President William J. Clinton- 1993-2001-
Source: CNN: Bill Clinton 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech

Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone what a better way to kickoff 2012 then a blog about the 2012 Presidential Election

Back in 2008 after Senator John McCain a man who I do have a lot of respect for and like, we just disagree on a lot of things, when he won the Republican nomination for president in 2008, didn't dare to ask Ronald Reagan's famous question from 1980. "Are you better off today then you were four years ago?" Or even expand that to eight years, because of course most of the country wasn't. And this was just a month before the Great Recession of 2008 happened and things got a hell of a lot worse. Think about from 1993-2001. America created twenty-two-million jobs, we had 4.5% unemployment, we were growing at around 5% GDP, peace at home and abroad, record lows for the good things. Poverty, crime, unemployment. Budget surplus and all of those by 2008 were going in reverse. Including fighting two wars in the Middle East, Afghanistan we were clearly right to attack them for their role in 9/11. Iraq, well Neoconservatives are still coming for reasons almost nine years later for that war.

So then Senator Barack Obama was inheriting a party that was going up in popularity. That America was ready to take another look at giving them the leadership of the country. The White House and Congress, where Senator John McCain was inheriting a party that was led by one of the most unpopular President's we've ever had. John McCain inherited all of the problems that had come about during the Bush Administration 2008 for the Republican Party. For me, I would compare it with 1980 for the Democratic Party with all the problems that happened with the Carter Administration. In 2012 most likely President Obama won't be able to ask the question, "are you better off today, then you were four years ago". Because he won't like most of the answers he hears to that question. But he can do what President Roosevelt did in 1936. "Four years is not enough to turn the country around the problems we inherited when we took over, are far too great to solve in four years. But we are making progress and things are getting better."

We are improving much faster then we would've had John McCain been elected President. Because he was running on having four more years of President Bush. And wasn't able to separate himself from the Bush Administration. President Bush and Senator McCain were joined at the hip together. Give us four more years and you'll see America take off, more jobs, lower unemployment, lower health care Costs, more people with health insurance, we'll be out of both Afghanistan and Iraq. All things we won't accomplish if you elect Mitt Romney or Ron Paul for President. President Obama won't be able to do in 2012 what President Clinton was able to do in 1996. Or President Reagan in 1984, "are you better off today then you were four years ago?" Three years later we are still at 8.2% unemployment and pushing 20% officially in poverty. We still have a net loss in job creation, but all the important factors are improving with rising economic and job growth. Reelect President Obama and these things will be even better then they would had a Republican won the presidency.

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