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Pink Fairy Girl: The Unholy Wife (1957) Starring Diana Dors & Rod Steiger

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I believe Diana Dors, or someone like her would be perhaps the last person you I could imagine being a killer, especially a murderer and a women who murdered multiple people. But that is exactly what she plays in this movie as someone who likes being married to a wealthy man and the money and lifestyle that comes with that. But doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with being a wife or a mother. And finds another man that she is interested in, but not sure she wants to leave her husband and even son for this new man.

Diana Dors plays someone with a checkered past to say the least, I believe she was already in prison at one point. Settles down with a another man pre-Paul played by Rod Steiger and doesn’t like her first husband at all, even hates him and takes their son with her and meets Paul and they eventually get married. Paul not being full aware of his new gorgeous baby-face wife’s past history, falls in love with her fairly quickly and integrates her with his Northern California lifestyle. He owns a vineyard and ranch in Napa Valley.

Paul has an elder mother who is pretty sick that he is responsible for taking care of. Phyllis as Paul’s wife and his mother’s daughter in law has similar responsibilities and she finds her new mother in law to be a pain to say the least. The question in this movie, is does Phyllis kill her mother in law intentionally or not by poisoning her and giving her too much medication that is very strong. But she’s already killed two people including I believe a man from her past.

The Unholy Wife is the best Diana Dors movie I’ve seen before. It is a very entertaining murder mystery that never slows down and Diana looks great in it and as adorable as possible. And because she looks so cute and sweet, she plays the perfect murder suspect, because she would be one of the last people you would expect to murder anyone. But her physical baby adorability is just a cover for the plotting murderer inside of her.

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