Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Robert C. Bonner on the Mexican Election & Drug War: The Costs of the Mexican-American War on Drugs

The United Mexican States, better known as Mexico at least in America, is a very fascinating country to me. Because its a huge country of 120M, eighth or ninth largest country in the World, with all of the resources that a large country needs to be to be a Developed Nation in the World. Yet in 2012, its still a Third World country or at best a 2nd World country, thats vastly underperformed considering all the resources it has. Mexico has a large Middle Class, perhaps half of the country, yet there are Mexican States that resemble El Salvador or Cuba as far as its Living Standards. And there are still hundreds of thousands of Mexicans each year fleeing their homeland for the United States. For a better life even though Mexico basically has everything it needs, to develop those underdeveloped parts of this large country, that has a two thousand mile border with America. Its not the country of Mexico or its people, besides its Organize Crime like in the War on Drugs thats holding down this country, that has like eighth or ninth largest economy in the World, this is not Cuba or Haiti, its a large industrialized country, with a large economy and with a lot of promise. But the things that were holding Mexico back ten years ago, are the things holding it back today.

The things that are holding back Mexico, are two things that I see, corruption and crime, especially as it relates to the War on Drugs and America plays a role in this as well. And no I'm no part of the blame America crowd but Americans addiction to Illegal Narcotics and what both America and Mexico have done to combat it. Essentially treating addicts like criminals, where they don't get the help they need, just fuels the War on Drugs more on both sides of the border. Because the more American and Mexican customers there are for Mexican Narcotics or whether they come from Columbia, the more need there is to produce and import those narcotics. The cheaper they are to buy and produce because of how high the demand there is as well. The more people in Mexico that get in the business, especially Organize Gangs and the need for them to protect their turf. Buying off Public Officials and murdering ones they see as threats to their business.

If America Mexico were to end the War on Drugs, stop locking people up for using, possessing and being addicted to narcotics. Instead get the addicts the help that they need at their expense, decriminalize simple possession of heroin, cocaine and meth and instead have those people pay fines instead. Legalize, regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol and tobacco, you would see a lot of these Organize Gangs go out of business. Because people rather buy marijuana legally, then go to jail for it and market for heroin, cocaine and meth would dry up. Because there would no longer be enough addicts to keep those business's in business.

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