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Classics Cinema: The Long Haul (1957) Starring Diana Dora, Victor Mature, and Patrick Allen

Source:Classics Cinema- English Muffin Diana Dors and Patrick Allen. Baby Girl dating a bad guy.

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"Classic British crime film. Mature stars as a truck driver who finds himself in the middle of  the corrupt low-lifes who run the business. It doesn't help when he becomes involved with the big shot's lady. " 

Take Diana Dors out of this movie, who is a hot sexy baby-face goddess, perhaps the cutest Hollywood goddess of all-time and The Long Haul is still a very good movie, because it has a very good cast and it gives you a very good look at not just organized crime, but organized crime in the trucking industry, but also organized crime in Britain over in England. And Diana does a great job in this movie as well. The first Princess Diana in Britain, at least as far as I’m concern.

Victor Mature plays a U.S. Army Corporal stationed over in post-World War II Britain in England. He’s already married with a son over there to an English woman. Harry wants to go home to America, but his English wife doesn’t. So Harry stays, but also needs a job in England and finds one as a truck driver. Linda played by Diana is the girlfriend of an English mobster who owns a trucking company. Harry gets a straight job as a truck driver and meets Linda who wants to leave her mobster boyfriend and takes her away. But the mobster’s gang just also happens to jack Harry’s truck on his first night.

That is how this movie really starts where Harry now needs a job to support his English wife and son, but can only get a job with this English gang in the trucking industry. He doesn’t want to do it. Linda wants to escape Joe (played by Patrick Allen) her mobster boyfriend and start a life with Harry. Harry is in between starting a new affair with Linda and staying with his wife because of his son and he still loves his wife. But he also needs a job and that is where this job starts moving real fast. Because now Joe is on the run for murdering his top deputy. And takes Linda with him and Harry helps him get away from the law.

This is not a great movie. I would give it an 8.5 I guess, but certainly a very good movie that you don’t need Diana Dors in it to make it interesting. But a woman like that can make a bad movie look good because of how great she is and how she looks. And then you throw in the plot and the movie has an excellent cast with Diana Dors, Victor Mature, Patrick Allen, and others. The movie takes place in post-World War II England where people there are trying to rebuild their lives and you have a very good movie.

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