Thursday, June 7, 2012

Grand Opening of Maryland Live! Casino in Hanover, MD: Freedom of Choice Expanding in Maryland

A couple of weeks ago the Maryland Legislature signed into law Tax Hikes, including a Middle Class Tax Hike, to help close its Budget Deficit. As well as to avoid Budget Cuts, you gotta to know something about Maryland, great State to live in for lots of reasons, I wouldn't prefer to live anywhere else. But we are already one of the highest taxed States in The Union. Our Income Tax is already around 10% and thats to go along with Property Taxes, Sales Taxes, Local Taxes and of course all of the Federal Taxes that we have to pay. We are also one of the wealthiest States in the Union, with an economy larger then a lot of countries, including The State of Israel. With a Per Capita Income more then twice the National Average and with the best Public Education in America. As well as an excellent State University System, including College Park but there's a point for even Marylanders. Where taxes can become too high and they look to live somewhere else but we still need to fund what the State Government need to do. Infrastructure, Law Enforcement etc but do it in a way, that doesn't harm Economic and Job Growth and keeps Maryland Dollars in the State.

Maryland is also nicknamed the Free State, so is my blog, so if you are going to have a nickname like that, then you should live up to it. And actually be a Free State, Maryland took another step towards that with Same Sex Marriage back in March and we've taken another step with that with Maryland Casinos, including slots at Maryland Races. All of these things bring in money to Maryland that needs it, money that would otherwise go to West Virginia, Delaware or New Jersey all States that have Organize Gambling. The Maryland Legislature understands this at least to a certain extent and attempted to expand Maryland Casinos last month and failed. No one is forcing Marylanders to gamble or people from out of State to come to Maryland to gamble, just giving Marylanders and others the power to decide that for themselves. And the ones who deicide to gamble in Maryland, will be spending money in Maryland, not in other States.

The Free State of Maryland just got a little Freer today with the opening of the Hanover Casino, money that people will be spending in Hanover, Maryland. Money that Hanover will be able to tax, as well as the State itself, Tax Revenue that could be spent on Deficit Reduction. Public Education, Infrastructure Investment, Law Enforcement, keeping other Maryland Taxes down and keeping more money in the State.

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