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The Express Online: Raquel Welch- Through The Years

Source:The Express Online- Red Hot Raquel Welch.
Source:The New Democrat

Every generation at least in Hollywood, has that one woman and perhaps man as well, that the rest of that generation is defined by and becomes the standard for how that generation is judged. And I'm talking both in a physical as well as professional sense. Rita Hayworth, who was not only perhaps the best and most famous actress, as well as most popular, and perhaps best look actress of the World War II Generation. Marilyn Monroe, is certainly the most popular and famous actress in the Silent Generation. But to me at least Sophia Loren is not only better looking than Marilyn, hotter, sexier, grown up and doesn't come off as a little girl both as fas as her face, but personality as well. But that's me.

Source: Wooden Boat- Red Hot Raquel Welch 
Raquel Welch born in 1940, if you put her in the Baby Boom because she was born in the 1940s at the start of World War II, even though she doesn't officially qualify as a Baby Boomer ( according to the Census Bureau ) I believe would have that title for the Baby Boomers. As the best looking actress of that generation. Every generation in Hollywood at least has that one actress that every other actress is judged by. Both in a physical, as well as a professional sense. How the look and how good of an actress that they are.

Source: Got Celeb- Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch 
Raquel Welch is certainly not the best actress of either the Silent Generation or the Baby Boom. But who from either generation is better looking than Raquel? What woman from either generation is hotter, cuter, and sexier, than Raquel. There women who are cuter than Raquel. There women who are sexier than Raquel. But hotter? Perhaps Sophia Loren, but anyone else? When I think of red hot, Raquel Welch is at or near the top of the list. I also think of women from her era like Jill St. John, Stefanie Powers, Mariah Carey from today. These hot, gorgeous, sexy redheads, who are also all tall, who are also all baby-face adorable. So cute to the point that you could just focus on who cute they are. And if they weren't also gorgeous and sexy, they would all be too cute.

Source: Daily Mail- Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch 
You look at Raquel Welch from 1966, 1970, 1978, 1985, the early 1990s, mid and late 1990s, at any point in the 21st Century and what in each of these years and eras there are a few things about her that are always there and still there. She's not just gorgeous, but hot. She's not just cute, but adorable and baby-face adorable and still is. And she's very sexy and has a great body in each period as well.

There are actresses that come out of nowhere and perhaps appear in a commercial or reality TV program, who suddenly become famous, but after their first 2-3 movies or TV shows flop, or or they end up in jail or on rehab,someone else who is more popular at the time comes along, the first pop star is never seen or heard from again. Or comes back 10 years later with a new look and persona. And there are actresses who stand the test of time who make a real life for themselves with all the ups and downs of any real life for anyone who has actually lived in life and makes a great career for themselves and is as beautiful today as they were fifty years ago.

Raquel Welch is a Hollywood Goddess, because she has lived a real life and made the best of it for herself and the people who care about her and depend on her. We're not just talking about a great actress, but a great comedic actress, satirist, comedian even, who has used her incredible sex appeal and physicality to make fun of people who only judge her by her physical appearance. As well as someone with her own successful fashion line and has become a successful fashion designer and bestselling author as well. Raquel Welch, the Hollywood starlet who is also a star, because she's had one of the best careers as a Hollywood actress ever.
Source:The Express Online

Monday, June 18, 2018

KLOS Radio: News Theater- Heidi Sits on Erik's Face: Katja Sitting

Source:Aga Clip-Heidi on Erik's face.
Source:The Action Blog

"It's another episode of FHFShow's Mystery News Theater! In this episode, Heidi sits on Erik's face while he reads the news. You know, just your usual stuff."

From KLOS Radio

I didn't get on YouTube at all until early 2009 when I finally got my first laptop computer ( I know, I was late to the dance ) because I wanted to get into blogging and finally created my own YouTube channel. Which I only use to view YouTube videos and still haven't uploaded my own video yet. And I only created my own YouTube channel because I wanted to comment on a video and they told me I had to create my own channel to do that. The whole process took like two minutes and I didn't think anything of it until I realized I had my own YouTube channel which showed my latest YouTube activity and people replying to my comments. I was very new to the who whole social media scene to begin with.

Source: Twitter via Pacesetting Girls- Svenja, on her guy
Anyway to make a long story short or actually turn a book into a few sentences, I started searching online and came across what someone called Katja videos. JeansSitting, which are basically soft to medium porn videos of these very beautiful and a lot of cases gorgeous and yet baby-face women, with beautiful bodies and they're all wearing these skin-tight jeans that are so tight with the women's bodies being so tight that if you whipped them in the legs or butt while they're wearing these skin-tight jeans, they might not notice it. These denim jeans for the most part and in some cases skin-tight leather jeans that Jim Morrison or Joan Jett would be proud of, are so tight they almost look bulletproof. And all these women are also wearing tight long leather boots as well. And they would be wearing either very tight short t-shirts, tank-tops, and in some cases corsages as well.

Source: JeansSitting- Svenja, on her guy
So, to get to what this is about, there was or there might still be an adult entertainment website called JeansSitting. com and they might still be in business, but they no longer seem to be on either YouTube or Facebook and I don't believe I've ever seen them on Twitter or Google+ either. Perhaps Tumblr, which seems to be the capital of porn websites, which is not a joke or even a jab, but there's a lot of porn on Tumblr. And they would tape and photographed there models in the skin-tight outfits that I just mentioned, doing what they called jeans sitting, which is a woman sitting on a man and even a man's face, with the beautiful tight strong body, in their skin-tight denim and in some cases leather jeans.

Source: Facebook- TDLJSW- Svenja, on her guy
You would see these woman squatting on a man's body and even face lost as if she's going to the bathroom, but doesn't got that far. You would see these strong women who would completely dominate these young men and of course they're play acting, but that's exactly what they're doing and it's very sexy even in adult entertainment or porn form. These women would be acting as dominatrix's , who would completely dominate these men physically not by beating them up, but having them in complete submission. Sort of how third-world dictatorships, might torture their prisoners, but these guys are never in any danger and if anything like what these women are doing to them.

Source: Jeans Sitting- Svenja, on her guy
Speaking personally here, a woman who looks like this and is dressed like this, could dominate me like this anytime she wants. Even better if my girlfriend was doing this to me, so I wouldn't have to explain it to her or justify it. Just as long as she doesn't fart on my face which would be the las straw. She farts on my face or anywhere else on my body and I would have to say that's the straw or last anything else that you want to use. I don't care what's she wearing when she farts on my. But in all seriousness. this is about as sexy as any activity I've ever seen. And the women and men who perform in these videos are completely dressed the whole time.

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Mariah Carey: Make it Happen- Tribute To The NHL 2018 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals

Source: ISportsWeb- Your 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals-
Source: The New Democrat

"Music video by Mariah Carey performing Make It Happen. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 21,232 (C) 1991 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT"

From Mariah Carey

Source: Mariah Carey: Make It happen- Music Video- Mariah Carey's Make it Happen 
I was in eighth grade and for you non-math and school wizards that would be junior high back in 1990 when Mariah Carey first broke onto the scene and I still hadn't heard of her at that point. It wasn't until a year later ( when I was a freshman in high school, which would be ninth grade ) when I first saw her video Someday that I actually heard of her and thought she has a great voice and is also great looking and everything else and started becoming a big fan of her.

Source: Wikipedia- Mariah Carey's Make it Happen music video 
When I think of the voice of my generation and I'm now 42 years old and at the tail end of Generation X, I only think of two people. Whitney Houston, ( who tragically died at 48 in 2012, RIP ) and Mariah Carey who if anything is now more popular at the age of 48 today then she was even 20 years ago. And if you look and listen to her, what has she missed?
Source: Mari Angels- Lyrics for Mariah Carey's Make it Happen 
Nothing, she might be curvier now but in a good way. Not saying she's even cuter now, but has she lost anything in that department? She's still this hot, sexy, baby-face adorable goddess, who can still come off as a kid with those big beautiful adorable eyes, cheeks, and smile, and yet she still has not a great voice, but she still has the voice. Which is beyond great, because she has the voice that other singers are measured to. Are you as good as Mariah Carey or not.

And maybe Beyonce Knowles will replace her at some point and not be the voice of Generation X, because's she's not a Gen-Xer, but be not just the voice of her generation but the voice that everyone is measured by regardless of age and generation. Sort of how Frank Sinatra is viewed as the voice at least for male singers regardless of their age and what generation they're from.

I mention all this to just completely waste your time. Actually, there's a more substantive reason for that which goes to Make it Happen from Mariah Carey which now 26 years later and yes I was still in high school when it came out is still a great inspirational song. A great spiritual or even religious song as well and if there were more preachers who talked this way and chose to inspire people, instead of divide people based on lifestyle and sexuality, I might attend church now and then, because I would really get something out of even though I'm Agnostic.

Source: Mariah Carey

"If you believe in yourself enough

And know what you want

You're gonna make it happen

(Make it happen)

And if you get down on your knees at night

And pray to the Lord

He's gonna make it happen

(Make it happen)

You're gonna make it happen, oh yeah

I know life can be so tough

And you feel like giving up

But you must be strong

Baby just hold on

You'll never…"

Again, I'm Agnostic so I don't believe in getting on my knees and praying to whatever Lord there may or not be, but the basic message of this song is right. That if you believe in yourself enough and know what you want, you're going to make it happen. It's obviously not that simple and you need to have more than self-confidence because your self-confidence has to be justifiable. You have to be as good as you believe you are when you're confident and not just believe in yourself, but know that you're good at what you do and then execute those skills to accomplish your goals.

As well as know what you're up against and what they're capable of and what they might do to try to stop you. And then be at your best when you have to be in order to accomplish your goals. Be as good as you possibly can be and not just believe in yourself, but know yourself as well as possible and then execute those skills when the time comes.

Source: Getty Images- The Great Eight, finally hoisting the Stanley Cup 
And yes this is about the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Champion Capitals and no, I'm not a sportswriter and don't have beat, so take this piece about Capitals and NHL hockey in general for what it's worth. But pre-2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Capitals didn't make it happen. This is a club that every season under Barry Trotz which now goes back to the 2015 season, had exceptions of winning the Stanley Cup. Which at any point would've been their first Stanley Cup ever. This for a franchise that has won just one conference championship ( 1998 ) and played in one Stanley Cups Finals, also in 1998. And until 2018 have even only played in two conference finals and yet a good season for the Capitals during the last ten years or so was to get to the 2nd round of the playoffs which would be semifinals.

Source: NBC Sports- Alex Ovechkin & Nick Backstrom 
The Capitals would traditionally enter the Stanley Cup Playoffs at least as the favorite to win the Eastern Conference Finals, or at least get there and for several seasons to win the Stanley Cup Finals and yet pre-Barry Trotz would generally be eliminated in the quarterfinals. ( The 1st round ) Because again they didn't make it happen, because they were either overconfidence or overrated. They would get bad goaltending when they needed good goaltending the most. Or their offense would simply not show up and would get shut out during an elimination game. Which happened to them both to the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Lightning in the last few years during the playoffs.

The 2018 NHL season was different for the Capitals. They were no longer expected to win it all and probably for several reasons. They hadn't done it yet or even advance to the Eastern Conference Finals with the current crew and head coach. They were getting older and the Penguins and Lightning were still there to beat them.

Like I said, 2018 was different for the Capitals than 2015-17 when they were eliminated in the semifinals in each season by either Pittsburgh or Tampa. They played the Penguins in the 2nd round and the Lightning in the EC Finals and beat both clubs. Eliminated the Penguins in six games, instead of losing in seven or being swept. They beat the Lightning in seven games, including winning the final two games by shutouts. And then beat the Las Vegas Golden Knights ( a 2018 NHL expansion team ) in five games where really only two of those games were close. The first and last game and the Capitals could've easily won the first game as well and swept Las Vegas.

The 2018 Capitals not only believed in themselves and knew what they want, but knew how to get what they want. To quote the former great pro wrestler Ric Flair, to be the man, you have to beat the man. Which means you have to become the man and not just be your best when it matters most , but be better than your opposition when it matters most. Be better than the man when it matters the most. Winning a playoff game here or there and even playing your best in those games, is certainly and accomplishment and something to feel good about. But it means nothing if you don't even show up when it matters the most. When you're playing an elimination game and not just an elimination game, but a championship elimination game.

The Capitals could've lost the next two games against Las Vegas and still have won the Stanley Cup, but had the Cup in their sights and simply just took it by winning game 5 and beating the Golden Knights for the 4th straight time in that series. They made it happen by being their best when it mattered the most which was good enough to win the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals. And head Barry Trotz and the whole Washington Capitals organization, deserves a lot of credit for that.

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Bircan Golgecen: Happy Days- She Devils (1979)

Source:Bircan Golgecen- She Devil: all leathered up. 
Source:The Action Blog

"Please show your appreciation by sharing with other Baby Boomers on Facebook and let me know. Thank you. - Dad*** Enjoy the memories! BABY BOOMERS"

From  Bircan Çölgeçen

I was never a fan of the show Happy Days and I always thought it was pretty cheesy, except for Fonzi ( played by Henry Winkler ) and maybe that's because the show takes place in 1950s Midwest America before America looked like America does today with all the ethnic and racial diversity. Even though the show and series was made and shown in the 1970s when America did look and sound much different, than it did even 10, 15, 20 years ago. Or perhaps it just had a lot of cheesy writing. But I do like the She Devils episode and for multiple reasons.

Source: Julien's Live- She Devils 
This is a very funny episode and for multiple reasons. You got guys who are playing nerds here who other than maybe the dark hair guy, all look like they would struggle to benchpress their own pillow, who are getting pushed around ( to put it mildly ) by a female outlaw biker gang. Who are very tough and look like perhaps they could've played professional football ( and not just their leader ) and yet they're all beautiful, very cute even, and also very sexy. With Richie ( played by Ron Howard ) the leader of the nerds ) trying to act tough and stand up against a bunch a women. Imagine that, American men feeling physically threatened by women and they're all straight.
Source: The Saleroom- She Devils 
This show is not about a dykish group of lesbian outlaw bikers, who hate men and see the guys as easy targets and go after them. They're does seem to be a radical feminist vibe to this show, but it's about a straight female outlaw biker gang, picking on guys who look like chess club geeks and get paid to do the high school or college football team's homework every night. Computer geeks who look like they go to the library for actual fun and not just research. Which is what most Americans use libraries for or to check out a book that they're not sure about buying.

Source: The Golden Closet- She Devils 
And then there's another reason why I like this show which is more important. Not just a female biker gang or a female outlaw biker gang, or just a pretty or even cute female biker gang, or s sexy female biker gang. But a female outlaw biker gang with all of those features who are all leathered up. And in some cases wearing black leather motorcycle jackets with tight blue denim jeans and black leather boots. But with most of the women all leathered up. Black leather motorcycle jackets, skin-tight black leather jeans, and black leather boots. All of the women having beautiful tight bodies and kicking ass in these outfits as well.

Source: The Golden Closet- She Devils 
So you have a very funny episode here with a feminist outlaw biker gang, who feel the need to get back at these guys who they see as nerds, because one of them ( played by Scott Bao, before he became a Donald Trump loyalist ) somehow wronged one of the members of the gang. Perhaps you could say screwed, but that can be interpreted in multiple ways here, but they believe he hurt their gang member in someway. And see these nerds with Chachi ( played by Scott Bao ) who is with them, as their opportunity to get back at Chachi.

Source: The Golden Closet- She Devils 
And you also have a female outlaw biker gang with the characteristics that I've already mentioned, who are also very attractive and very sexy. Sort of reminds me of those outlaw biker movies from the late 1960s and early 1970s, that all had at least one attractive sexy woman in and generally multiple very attractive women in like the Glory Stompers from 1967 or go up to the 1980s with Easy Wheels from 1989. But this show was an episode from a TV series and not a movie. And yet the footage is just as good, if not better and the comes out in 1979 where you weren't seeing many if any female outlaw gangs on TV at least, or anywhere else. This is a very good show.

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