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Brookings: Ron Haskins & Isabel V. Sawhill: 'Creating An Opportunity Society

Source:Brookings EDU- A book about the opportunity society, from Ron Haskins and Isabel Sawhill. 
"Americans believe economic opportunity is as fundamental a right as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. More concerned about a level playing field for all, they worry less about the growing income and wealth disparity in our country. Creating an Opportunity Society examines economic opportunity in the United States and explores how to create more of it, particularly for those on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder."

From Brookings EDU

"Opportunity Society

Source:Google- A Brookings event from 2009, about an opportunity society. 
The Opportunity Society that New Democrats started talking about in the late 1980s and early 1990s was also designed to counter the Reagan Revolution of the early 1980s. That made government especially big centralized government look like the problem and what was holding back freedom for millions of Americans. What the Opportunity Society says that government shouldn’t be seen or be the problem or the solution for Americans who struggle, or for Americans in general. But as one tool that can help people in need get the tools that they need to live in freedom and be able to take care of themselves.
But also the Opportunity Society is something where that all Americans again regardless of income level and how they start out in life have a quality of opportunity to succeed in life. Where universal quality education is available to all. Especially for Americans who are growing up in low-income communities. Or trying to raise their kids in those communities. Or simply trying to survive on their own in those low-income communities. And where quality universal education includes K-12, but also college, vocational and job training as well for everyone.
Again government shouldn’t be the source or the problem when it comes to quality of life in America. It should be a tool one tool especially when it comes to financing that Americans regardless of how they start out in life can take advantage of to obtain freedom for themselves. So they are taking care of themselves and not needing public assistance for their economic survival.

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