Monday, December 3, 2012

National Geographic: America's Hardest Prisons

Source:National Geographic Channel- with a documentary about America's toughest prisons.

"LOCKDOWN plunges head-first into the gritty world of America's most dangerous prisons. It's an unprecedented immersion into life behind bars; up-close and personal with some of the most hardened criminals in the world." 

From Nat Geo TV 

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Source:Discovery Full- with a documentary about America's toughest prisons.

From Discovery Full 

There's the old saying that if you do the crime, you should do the time. I actually agree with that and in a perfect, world (which anything run by humans is not perfect) that saying would be easy and correct enough. The problem is we obviously don't live in a perfect world. 

We need prisons and units for criminals who are not just still violent, but not ready to give up their violent criminal careers. But at the same time even for the worst of our prison inmates who have release dates, there needs to be some incentive for these people to get their lives together and have the opportunity to make productive, legitimate lives for themselves. Even if we will always need supermax prisons, we need to have inventive for those folks to at the very least get with the program in those prisons and have incentive to transfer down to a less secure prison, where they would have a real opportunity at getting real prison rehabilitation.

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