Monday, December 3, 2012

FRSFreeState: NGC: Hard Time: America's Toughest Prisons: Super Max

Super Max prions or Super Max units inside of prisons might seem harsh or even Unconstitutional especially. For people who tend to be more dovish when it comes to crime and punishment and law enforcement, people who believe in a. More softer approach when it comes to these issues, people who are viewed as soft on crime by right wingers in the country. And some people who might be on the right, lets say very far to the right might see these prions as not harsh enough. But the fact is we need prisons like this in this country and some people may say these prisons don't exist in. Europe, well actually they do the United Kingdom being an example of that but also Europe doesn't have. The same crime issues and don't have the same type of inmates, people who simply aren't willing to obey authority. And have the attitude that they can have whatever they want whenever they want it, including sex, even if the person. They want to have sex with, doesn't want to have sex with them or not, so for prisoners who are simply not willing. To obey rules, they need to be isolated to the point that the only people they can hurt are themselves.

Its not a question of whether we need prisons like this in this country or not, its a question of how. These prisons should be run and how we should house people who need to live in this environment. At least until their behavior improves to the point that they can function well in general population. Should we warehouse these people and expect they'll improve their behavior on their own, in twenty three hour. Lockdown single cell environment or not even care if they improve their behavior or not, as long as they aren't. Hurting staff or other inmates, or should we be working with them, so they have incentive to not only. Improve their behavior so they don't have to live this type of environment and be able to function back. In general population, especially if they have a scheduled release date, I believe prisons shouldn't just be institutions. To house criminals but rehabilitation centers so once inmates are out, they don't need to come back.

We need Super Max prisons and units but these places shouldn't just be used to isolate these inmates. Not just from general population but the outside World but also they need to be rehabilitation centers. For these inmates so they can improve their behavior and be prepared to live in general population. Especially for the inmates who have release dates, because those inmates are going to be back on the street. And we don't want them hurting anyone else, so we need to be working with them while they are in isolation.

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