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Nancy Pelosi: 'Why I'm Running Again For House Democratic Leader'

Source:Nancy Pelosi- U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announcing why she's running for Minority Leader again.

"House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announces she will run again" 

From Nancy Pelosi

So let's see I have this straight: Nancy Pelosi is running for reelection as House Minority Leader because she believes that women need to continue to be empowered in America, in government and everywhere else. And somehow Leader Pelosi being a woman herself, (obviously) that her keeping this role as the highest ranking women in Congress (House or Senate) and in either party, would make it easier for this to happen. So what Leader Pelosi is essentially doing is making her candidacy for reelection about her gender. And thats hopefully not her best case for her being reelected, 

"Reelect me because I'm a woman" is not much of campaign theme and vision for the future of the House Democratic Caucus.  I could just see radical feminists freaking out about men (especially Caucasian men) running for office based on their gender. 

Gender, race, ethnicity, should never be any driving force for why someone should be elected or reelected to anything. It should always be about the individual and their qualifications, period. Because we're all individuals and we're all our own people, regardless of our gender, race, or ethnicity.

The New Republic: Chuck Thompson- ‘Go Ahead and Secede, Texas. I Dare You.’

Source: The New Republic- don’t mess with Texas. We’re armed and dangerous. We also ain’t too bright and don’t always know what we’re doing. LOL

“In the wake of news that more than 80,000 people have signed an online White House petition asking permission for Texas to leave the Union, a single grave concern has united the minds of Americans of all political colors: If the state secedes, where are we going to get our NFL-caliber wide receivers?

As a recent student not just of secession, but the traditionally Southern mindset that drives it in this country (similar petitions for Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina have all topped 20,000 signatures), let me be the first to say to the aggrieved liberal community: relax. No one is talking about building a Berlin Wall around the upside-down pistol grip part of Texas.

Texans may be stubborn, but they ain’t stupid. In the event of secession, mutually beneficial treaties would be drawn up between the United States and newly formed Texas Republic, ensuring both sides get what they need.” 

“Rick Perry on Texas’s right to secede from the US” 

Source:The Centrist Word- Hardball With Chris Matthews?

From The Centrist Word 

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas even seceding from the United States, who the hell needs them. (From my point of view) They need us so they can fund their own roads and for all that welfare insurance they get from taxpayers in wealthy states. So their people don’t starve and so their kids can go to school and so-forth.

I mean do we really need a Alabama and a Mississippi in the union, couldn’t we get by with just one of them, or how about they combine and become one state. And we would have on less ignorant state in the union.

And do we really need to Carolinas and two Virginia’s? I’m not looking for Virginia to leave the union, but do we need a Virginia and a West Virginia.

West Virginia, is not seceding. Even they know like the rest of the country that they need America more than America needs them. But South Carolina might be a different story and the idea of an African-American, not only being elected, but reelected President of the United States, is appalling to a certain percentage of South Carolinians. And they may leave the country, some of the nuts in that state.

My whole point about this is that the people in these states that are considering leaving the United States, good riddance, as far as I’m concern. And maybe they can move somewhere and start some new Confederate Republic like they tried in the 1860s. And even if these states were to secede, which will never happen because even these states have enough intelligent people in them to know better. People who were perhaps educated outside of these states, to understand that they need America more than we need them.

As much as Southern Neo-Confederates may bash the U.S. Government and public assistance, a lot of their people still need that just to get by. Which makes this whole discussion a little ridiculous, because this will never happen.

Texas, won’t leave the United States, they have the most uninsured people in the country per-capita. They need us again for the public assistance that they collect. America, needs Texas to become energy independent and get off of foreign oil. Which would be a boom for both our economy and foreign policy. But if these third-world American states in the Southeast want to take a hike, I’ll help them pack. And see how well they can do on their own. 

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