Thursday, November 8, 2012

The New Republic: Eli Sanders: 'Washington State Voters Legalize Gay Marriage & Marijuana, Cementing State's Liberal Preeminence'

Source:Eli Sanders- writes for The New Republic Magazine.

"Seattle, WA—Some 6.8 million Americans awoke today confident that their state is not only the most progressive in the nation, but even more so than Canada and Amsterdam. That’s because, while Colorado voters legalized pot and Maine and Maryland voters approved gay marriage yesterday, Washingtonians accomplished both feats with two historic ballot measures that cemented the liberal-utopian reputation of this upper-left corner of the continental United States.

The laws won’t take effect until early December, at which point same-sex couples can marry and people may possess up to an ounce of usable marijuana buds (or 16 ounces of marijuana-infused “edibles,” or 72 ounces of marijuana-infused sodas, teas, or juices). The difference between this law and marijuana-decriminalization laws already on the books in 14 other states? A person can still suffer civil penalties for possession in certain circumstances in those states, but in Washington “there will be no penalty whatsoever,” says Alison Holcomb, the author and campaign director for Initiative 502. “It will no longer be a crime to possess marijuana on Washington soil as long as you’re 21 years old.” 

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First Eli Sanders is saying Washington is the most liberal state in the union. And then in the same article, Washington is the most progressive state in the union. According to modern leftists (closeted Socialists, in actuality) liberal and progressive means the same thing to them. If that's the case, (which it's not) then why do they need two political labels to talk about one political faction? 

When I think of Washington State and Oregon as well, and even California, I think of The Left Coast. If those three states were on country separate from the rest of America, it would probably be called the People's Republic of Hippieland. Only in those states is it considered cool to be a Socialist and Communist. No need to live in a left-wing political closet over there. Similar to how you can be open about being a Christian-Theocrat in the Bible Belt, thinking that fundamentalism Evangelicalism should be the law of the land and the official religion of the United States. 

As far as Washington State legalizing both marijuana and same-sex marriage: I'm in favor of both of those things being legal, for the simple reason that I'm a Liberal. And real Liberals believe in freedom of choice, not just on abortion and sexuality, but in general. Just as long as we aren't hurting innocent people with our personal choices. Besides, gay marriage bans are unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment and Equal Protection Clause. And the so-called War On Drugs is a colossal waste of tax dollars. It makes you average DMV look like a poster for government efficiency.

Leathered Life: Elena- Real Biker Leather Jeans

Source:Leathered Life- Elena.

Source:The Daily Press

"Elena - Real Biker Leather Pants fun"

Source:Leathered Life- Elena

"Elena in real biker leather pants." 

Ricarda is one of the sexy blond models over at the German leather fashion website called Leathered Life. She has beautiful legs and a great butt. Just the perfect physique to dress up as a sexy biker chick, in her skin-tight, black leather jeans and leather boots.

Source:Leathered Life- Sexy biker chick, all leathered up. 
Love biker women for multiple reasons. And two of them having to do with the facts that they tend to be in great shape, because they have to be because of the lifestyle they live being on the road so much and having to manage their motorcycles. But the other having to do with the wardrobe.

You see a lot of leather, denim and boots, with their wardrobe. Tight leather, tight denim, tight boots. Skin-tight leather and denim jeans with boots. With a leather jacket, or sometimes just a tank-top or t-shirt. And the great leather biker boots. And then the combinations with biker women wearing biker leather jackets, with Levis denim jeans or other denim jeans, and the biker boots.

Or going all leather with a biker leather jacket, skin-tight leather jeans and biker boots. Jim Morrison, is not the only person to wear leather suits and boots a lot.

You have to have a great body to look even good and not embarrass yourself in skinny leathers. Which are skin-tight leather jeans. If you’re worried about how you look in skinny denims, because of how they showcase your legs for good and bad and make you look ever heavier or skinnier than you actually are, skinny leathers, might be twice as risky.

Obese women, look even fatter in skinny leathers and rail-thin women look even skinnier. Because they’re cut so thinly to showcase great legs on women and the butt as well. And if you’re weak in those areas, you’ll look even weaker in skinny leathers.

Every time I see rail-thin women in skinny denims, she looks about a hundred pounds to me and perhaps has just lost even more weight. A fat woman in those pants will look like she’s grown another ass. (To be frank)

My point about this is a big reason why biker women and let’s say mature biker chicks and not the porn stars who like to model motorcycles, is that they tend to have great bodies and know exactly what they’re doing. How to look sexy while not looking like they have to look sexy in order to pay their bills, because they also have style and class and know bikes very well.

Biker women tend to be professionals, but in other fields. Law enforcement, teaching, military background, even law, but they’re also very attractive and very sexy. And love showing the world that and their bikes on their free time. And these are just a few reasons why I’m so attractive to them. Because they’re so healthy and sexy, but with class and style as well and a pleasure to check out. 

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