Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Associated Press: '2nd Woman in NYC Madam Case Pleads Not Guilty'

Source:Associated Press- Jaynie Baker's attorney speaking to the press.

"A matchmaking recruiter charged with helping to run a brothel in a high-profile NYC prostitution case has been on vacation, not the lam, her lawyer said Tuesday.   Jaynie Baker returned to New York and pleaded not guilty at her arraignment." 

From the Associated Press 

You would think with all the other issues that Mayor Michael Bloomberg's New York City has to do with, like with their education system, poverty, and their economy, they would have better things to do than to arrest free adults for consensual sex. Or at least arresting people who run prostitution rings where consensual sex is sold. 

But I don't live in New York City (and proud of that) and I'm not picking on them either, this story just happens to take place there. Prostitution is still illegal everywhere in America, outside of the Free State of Nevada. 

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