Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2nd Woman in NYC Madam Case Pleads Not Guilty: Doesn't NYPD have better things to do then Break Up Prostitution Rings

With all the issues that New York City has to deal with, like with their Public Education System. You would think they would have better things to do then to arrest people who get paid. For sex or who run Prostitution Rings and of course they have to enforce their current laws. For Rule of Law to mean anything but going forward they should look at ending prohibition on these activities. Because we know prostitution is the oldest profession in the World. Even though its illegal in a lot of countries. Especially the United States, yet it still goes on because of course like marijuana, there's a large market for it. So knowing this and of course the Freedom of Choice factor. Which is something as a Liberal concerns me, what authority does government have to control what Free Adults. Can do with their own bodies and keeping Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms. Then NYC and a lot of other places need to look at legalizing these activities and regulating them instead.

What we should do with prostitution instead is do what we do with other Adult Entertainments. You regulate it and when it comes to prostitution, you regulate it even farther. To prevent as best as we can Sexually Transmitted Diseases from happening. Making sure pimps or if this were legal, because they would get different Job Titles. But make these people get licensed to run a Prostitution Business so to speak. That they register, follow basic regulations, pay taxes like any other Legal Business. And that prostitutes get licensed to operate, tested for disease, pass a physical, 21 or over and of course paying taxes. Like any other worker in a Legal Business.

Whether prostitution is ever legal in New York or the broader country as a whole. It will always be in America, because we'll always have a market for it. Knowing this, what we should be doing instead is legalizing it and then regulating it. To makes prostitution as safe as possible in the United States as possible. And save our precious jail and prison space for real criminals that represent a threat to society.

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