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Zencat: John F. Kennedy- Liberal Party Nomination Speech 1960: JFK Defining American Liberalism

Source:Zencat- U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy: Democrat, Massachusetts.
"JFK accepting the Liberal Party nomination in 1960. The last freely Democratically elected president of the 20th century. possibly the last ever.

I acquired this recording from a "public domain" site and present it here as an example of what our shared history is in these united states.

The speech it is in its entirety as an historical record.

As far as I can check the history, from independent transcripts of the event etc. This is the full version and has not been altered.
It is offered here for your consideration.
Make up your own minds."

From Zencat

If you really want to know what liberalism is and I mean real liberalism in its basic form, what it actually is, not what's called progressivism today or what's been called "modern liberalism", which is really democratic socialism, a different philosophy from liberalism, then you should study Jack Kennedy.

JFK perfectly laid  out a philosophy thats based on individual freedom, civil liberties. And helping people who are off of their feet, get themselves on their feet. American Liberals aren't the United States version of Social Democrats in Europe. Todays so-called American Progressives are the United States version of Social Democrats. Jack Kennedy understood what liberalism is. That it's about freedom and that freedom is so important, that is has to be protected.

Which is why JFK was such an anti-Communist, because he believed communism and as well, was as anti-freedom, anti-American, anti-individual and anti-liberal. These are what real Liberals are, people who would be viewed as soft on communism or soft on statism in general, aren't Liberals, but Socialists, or Statists.

Jack Kennedy believed as a Liberal Democrat that freedom should be defended. And that part of that, not all of it, but part of that meant having a strong defense, but that a strong defense shouldn't be the only tool thats used to defend freedom. But something that we can and should use when we are under attack and something to use to prevent others from attacking us. And this is just liberalism as it relates to foreign policy.

Liberalism is also relevant as it related to the economy. Not to have some superstate that Senator Kennedy back in 1960, said thats so big that it's designed to take care of the people for themselves and protect Americans from themselves. But is there to do the things that people can't do for themselves.

JFK believed that government should provide national security and law enforcement, but also help people who are down who can't fend for themselves, give them an opportunity to get themselves back on their feet. And become productive in life. This is how liberalism is different from what's called progressivism, but is really democratic socialism. Jack Kennedy as far as I'm concern at least, was the last Liberal Democrat nominated by a major political party for President.

LBJ in 1964, had liberal tendencies on civil rights and perhaps broader social issues and even foreign policy, but was more of again what's called an FDR Progressive on economic policy. With the Great Society and so-forth, same thing with Hubert Humphrey in 1968, George McGovern in 1972. Jimmy Carter, leaned left, but more of a centrist, or a Moderate Liberal. But Jack Kennedy was the real thing and has done as good of a job, at least from everything I seen. In defining liberalism for what it really is and not how it's been stereotyped

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