Monday, January 7, 2013

The New Republic: Congress: Alec MacGillis: Barney Frank's Fiscal Plan: Join The Senate, Soak The Near-Rich

Barney Frank's Fiscal Plan: Join The Senate, Soak The Near-Rich | The New Republic

I don't see Barney Frank returning to Congress as a Senator to fill John Kerry's seat as Senator Kerry will become. The next Secretary of State, Representative Frank has his own baggage and perhaps is not quite up to running statewide. Even in a state as far to the left and as Democratic as Massachusetts, perhaps the Democratic version of Mississippi. As far as how far in one direction that a state leans politically but not even Democrats has sent to the US Senate. Democrats as far to the left as Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy being the closest who might be every Progressive/Social Democrats. Hero but one of the reasons why Senator Kennedy was called the lion of the Senate was his ability to legislate. And work with other Democrats who weren't as far to the left as he was and also work with Republicans. In both the Senate and House and even White House to finally pass legislation out of Congress that the President would sign. Which is what made Senator Kennedy such an effective committee Leader as both Chairman and Ranking Member. Of the Senate Labor Committee.

Barney Frank I believe has a great future if he wants it which I'm sure he does but since he's left the US House. I don't see it in elective office but perhaps in the cabinet where I believe he would make a good choice for Secretary of Housing. Or Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Labor he would be well qualified for any of those positions but he could. Even have a career in politics just not as an elected official especially after he gets his book written. About his thirty two years in Congress and what he's most proud of accomplishing, perhaps disappointments and so fourth. Perhaps how he would like to see the US House change if at all, he's got over thirty years of service and and I'm. Sure a lot of insights he could offer there but after that if he's looking at getting back into politics, I believe. He should be looking at the Progressive movement and how American Progressivism should be moving in the future. How it should be relevant in the Democratic Party or is the Democratic Party the best way to advance. American Progressivism in the future.

Barney Frank is about to turn 73 years old in March which is still young enough to be active in American politics. And public service and could finish out his active life well contributing to the country and contributing to Progressivism. Where he's been one of the most effective Leaders that movement has ever produced but the US Senate is a different. Story and not something that I believe he would be the strongest candidate for Massachusetts Democrats. Where Representative Frank would get a strong contest from both Democrats and Republicans and Massachusetts Democrats. Should be looking at the future anyway as far as who should represent them in the Senate.

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