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CBC: Stromboulopoulos Tonight- 'Rick Mercer on Annoying Canadian Stereotypes'

Source:CBC- Rick Mercer talking about Canadian stereotypes, on Strombo Tonight.
Source:The New Democrat 

"On July 1, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight presents a special Canada Day episode. George talks all things Canadian with comedy icon Rick Mercer. Plus, a variety of compelling guests -- including Bradley Cooper, Shaun Majumder, Paul Martin, Russell Peters, Zach Galifianakis, Martin Short, David Suzuki, Rex Murphy, Amy Sedaris and more -- share their thoughts on our great country. Featuring performances by Sloan and The Coppertone. 

* In this clip, political satirist Rick Mercer talks about Canadian stereotypes... and rants about the ones that bug him the most.

For full-length interviews and behind-the-scenes content from George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, visit Strombo." 

From CBC

I think Canada by in-large is a great beautiful country and if for some reason lets say I was deported from America, perhaps on suspicion of being a German spy or something, I would live in Canada. Canada would be my second choice, even though I’m an Ethnic-German. 

But like America, there’s good and bad in Canada and perhaps not so much bad, but things that even Canadians make fun of about their own country, that other countries can make fun of as well. Similar to Britain, which by in-large is a great country as well, but it is a fairly easy country to make fun.

I love watching Canadian TV and listening to Canadians speak. Why, because they sound so funny to me. Similar to how people talk in the upper Midwest in America and great plains. 

There’s very little if anything I actually like about Representative Michele Bachmann. One thing I do like about her is that she’s leaving the House of Representatives at the end of this Congress. But another thing I like about her is how she talks. She has a thick Minnesota accent and is originally born in Iowa, but I believe raised in Minnesota. I guess after Iowa deported the Bachmann Family and they settled in Minnesota.

But I love listening to Canadians and upper Midwesterners talk. They sound like Canadians the way they say certain things. Like out is oot in Canadian, about is aboot in Canadian and put them together Canadians say oot and aboot quite often. I know this from personal experience and against is agenst in Canadian. 

When I’m watching Canadian TV, I’m always mimicking them and doing my own Canadian accent. Which is a little deeper than my Mid-Atlantic-American accent. I actually sound more like I’m from the Northeast, but that is a different story.

As far as Canadian stereotypes: Canadians are as crazy about hockey, as Americans are crazy about football (let's say) but even more so. Hockey is like what Jesus would be to a Christian-Fundamentalist, where Americans love football the most when it comes to sports, but we have so many other sports we love as well. And we have so many other things to do as well and aren’t so distracted by one sport. Tim Horton’s, obviously, that is like official national restaurant in Canada and perhaps the only national restaurant in Canada.

As far as being polite: I’m probably too big of an asshole to live in Canada and would probably get deported. They are annoyingly nice and friendly, at least to Americans. I couldn’t imagine a Canadian wanting to live in New York, Philadelphia or Washington, Detroit would be another great example, simply for that reason. Yes, they are very passive and neutral, perhaps to a fault and don’t really want much if anything to do with other countries, at least as far as being involved in foreign and military operations. Which is how they qualified for NATO, because most of Europe is the same way.

I’ve always seen Canada as the biggest small country in the world. The second largest country in the world physically, but with only thirty-six-million people. Compared with America which is almost as big as Canada physically and the third largest country in the world physically and has three-hundred and fifteen-million people. I don’t know, maybe sex is not that popular in Canada. Maybe Canadians are required to take boat loads of birth control, or are only allowed to have one child per couple. Maybe because it is so damn cold up in Canada, that Canadians just aren’t the mood most of the year. And are more interested in simply avoiding freezing to death.

Canada is a great big country, but like America there’s plenty to make fun of like all great countries have. Americans are perhaps are more easy to make fun of because there are so many of us and we have it so good in most cases and hate big government and don’t like being told what to do and are so individualistic as a people, that people who are more socialist and collectivist in nature, like Canadians (to use as an example) like to make fun of us. 

But Canada has similar cultural stereotypes that look funny to other countries as well, including America. And part of being friends is making fun of each other, because you the other wouldn’t deliberately hurt you.

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