Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FRSFreeState: NORML: Erik Altieri: Boston Freedom Rally 2012: Why Marijuana Legalization is Coming

We are roughly six weeks away to deciding whether as a country or not with several States that will have Marijuana Legalizations Referendums on the ballot. Where we go in the future when it comes to the War on Drugs, are we going to end Marijuana Prohibition in Connecticut, Colorado and Washington and perhaps other States. Or are those States going to continue to lockup people for taking a drug that has similar side effects then alcohol and tobacco, side effects that are not as bad. As tobacco actually or are we going to treat these drugs like alcohol and tobacco and treat adult Americans like adults and just admit the fact that we can't protect every American from them self. We can't protect most people from themselves and most of the time its just about whether we have enough information out there, for people who are first and lot of cases last in making decisions. That affect their lives, so the people can make their own decisions regarding their own lives, thats a lot what marijuana is about and why Marijuana Legalization the idea that we should stop locking people up and. Treating them like criminals, for what they do to themselves or are we going to continue to treat them like children and send them to the principles office when they do something that Big Government doesn't approve of.

This is what this whole debate is about, whether or not adult Americans should be able to decide and are intelligent and responsible enough. To decide what they can put in their own bodies and how they should live their own lives, instead of Big Government trying to make the decisions. For people they don't know and never met, probably will never meet and try to make these decisions for them, thats what this debate is about at its core. Not whether or not people should use marijuana or not, just whether they should be able to make that decision for themselves. So anyone who argues that Big Government is the problem, that it taxes and spends too much, well first of all I would agree with you on that. But then I would argue where are you on Social Issues as it relates to Big Government and should Government at any size, have the authority. To decide how individuals should live their own live or not, marijuana being an example.

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