Friday, July 20, 2012

President Obama: "There Will Be Other Days for Politics": The President Setting The Right Tone on The Aurora Shootings

I don't want to make this post political and talk about Gun Control or anything else that Progressives will push as a result of the Aurora Shootings. I'm actually going to take the other approach other then to say that President Obama set the right tone today in his response to these tragedies. That today is not a day about politics but a day of reflection and remembering of these victims. And then let Colorado Law Enforcement and perhaps the FBI deal with these tragedies. To his credit and this might be the last time you ever hear me credit Mitt Romney for anything during this Presidential Election, the Republican Presidential Frontrunner. Mitt Romney had a similar message as the President, that our hearts and so fourth go out to the victims friends and families as well as the victims. Themselves and we are behind him, instead of attacking President Obama for failing to secure the country and that sorta thing and took the highroad on this as did the President, even though some Republicans may be disappointed about that.

Just my own thoughts about this, apparently James Holmes the suspect being held responsible for these shootings. Got into this Aurora Theater without a ticket, he snuck in the back way, through an emergency exit. As someone who use to work at a Movie Theater and had some experience as an usher, I know thats a no no, that shouldn't happen. That these doors in the back are suppose be looked at and checked, to keep people from sneaking into a theater. And not just for security reasons but Movie Theaters don't want people watching movies they show for free. They expect all patrons to buy tickets and ushers even look to make sure that patrons aren't bringing in outside food to the Movie Theater. Because they don't want their patrons eating or drinking for free either, makes sense since Movie Theaters don't get much revenue from Movie Companies for showing the movies.

So the first thing that hit me about this story, less then twenty four hours after it happened, as far as how the gunmen got into the theater. Was how easily he did and without buying a ticket, that the security at this theater looked lax and there should've been someone, like the General Manager of the theater or one of their assistants. Checking to make sure that no one could sneak into the theater from the back, that everyone who gets into theater, comes through the front and with a ticket.

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