Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chris Van Hollen: 'Mitt Romney Flips Faster Than Pancakes At IHOP'

Source:U.S. Congress- U.S. Representative Chris Van Hollen (Democrat, Maryland)

"On the Martin Bashir show, Rep. Van Hollen points out how Mitt Romney was for the student loan rate doubling before he was against it." 

From Chris Van Hollen

It must be great to be able to change your mind whenever its convenient: "My position is no longer popular, so I'm going to change it." 

It's one thing to change your position, as facts and evidence changed. And just say: "Look, I was wrong, if I knew now what I didn't know then, I wouldn't of taken that position." But it's another to change your position for political convenience, which is what Mitt Romney has become an expert on: 

"Governor Romney, what's your position on abortion? Well when I'm running for U.S. Senate or Governor of Massachusetts, I'm pro choice. But when I'm running for President in a Republican Party that considers abortion murder, I'm pro life." 

You could go on to the healthcare mandate, the House Republican budget plan and others. I'll give Governor Romney credit for not going after the Religious-Right to go out of his way to bring them to his corner and come out for things like outlawing pornography, gambling and other things. Which is what Rick Santorum did, but again thats another flip fop. From 2007-08 when he tried to convince Republicans he was a Religious Conservative.

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign slogan should be: "If I need your vote and you are for it, so am I. And if I need your vote and you are against it, so am I." 

Mitt gives new meaning to the term practical leadership, because instead of trying to accomplish the politically possible, he tries to accomplish the politically popular. At least amongst people he believes he needs to vote for him. 

When Mitt is running for President in the Republican primaries, he runs as a Reagan Conservative. Which is why the Religious Right doesn't like him. And when he runs in the general election, he'll run as an Independent Republican, or Moderate Conservative to seek votes from Independent voters. 

What Mitt really should do is clone himself. Have Conservative Mitt run for Republicans, Independent Mitt to run for Independents. Or get a time machine to erase all of his positions he took in the Republican primaries, that Independents don't like.

This won't work for Mitt, he'll end up being the John Kerry of 2012, where Independent voters are trying to figure out who the real Mitt is and running out of time. And sticking with the guy they know because Mitt Romney might not even know who the real Mitt is anymore. Because he's changed his positions as often as some women changes their hair color to the point they can't remember what their natural hair color is.

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