Monday, April 29, 2013

The Economist: Americas View: Affirmative Action in Brazil: Why America Should Abandoned Affirmative Action as Brazil Implements it

Affirmative action in Brazil: Slavery's legacy | The Economist

As a Liberal I take Dr. Martin L. King's I have a dream speech to heart that he had a dream that one day his  children. Would be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. I have that dream for the entire United States and a reason why I'm against affirmative action at least in the. Sense that people of any race or gender should have access to education and employment and so fourth based on race even if race is just one of the factors. While others are denied based on race even if race is just one of the factors. That if we are going to have an equal protection clause and civil-rights which we do. That it should apply to the whole country not just 80-85% of it meaning racial-minorities and Caucasian-women. That all Americans are entitled to equal-access and justice under the law and being denied things based on race. Is simply racist no matter who it's aimed to help or deny. Do we have racial bigotry and sexism in this country, of course we do and have had for our entire history as a country. Which is probably not going away anytime soon but the answer to that is not to have more or just target it to one race of people.

What we should do instead is have strong enforcement of our anti discrimination laws to the point that no one. Would discriminate against people based on race, ethnicity or gender or even sexuality because it would be in their worst interest to do so. With the sanctions that could come down on them as a result and the people who remain that still practice racism, ethnic-bigotry and sexism. Would pay a heavy price for doing so and even be forced out of business depending on how bigoted they have been. Along with having a real public education system in America that provides universal access to quality education for. Anyone who goes to public-schools in this country which would benefit minority students, as well as rural Caucasian students. Where everyone has a shot at being successful in life no matter how they start out and where adults who are low-income and low-skilled. Would have the opportunity to get job-training and education so they to can be successful in life as well.

The cure for racism in this country is not more racism and same thing with sexism. But to punish those things when they are being practiced to the point that it discourages bigots from practicing those things. Again and to have a real education-system that empowers everyone to get themselves the skills that they need to be successful in life. So even bigots would have to think twice about turning people down because of their race, ethnicity or gender. Because of the people that they would lose as a result, which is the direction we should be heading towards in the future.

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