Monday, September 22, 2014

STV News: Scotland Tonight- Rona Dougall Interviewing Laurie Clark & Peter Hughes: ‘How Would Independence Affect the Prospects of Business’

Source:STV News- interviewing Laurie Clark & Peter Hughes about Scottish independence.

Source:FRS FreeState

“STV News: Scotland Tonight- How Would Independence Affect The Prospects of Scottish Business?” Originally from STV News, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube. 

Perhaps the future of the United Kingdom should be a federalist one where the states or republics in Britain: England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland would be able to handle their own domestic affairs. Have their own state or provincial governments and handle their own education, law enforcement, regulatory system, social welfare systems. The things that the states in America do or provinces in other developed democracies do.

But where the national government in London handles the things that only national governments should be doing. Like the currency, foreign affairs, national security, etc. Where the English, Scotts, Welch and Irish feel closer to the U.K. and feel British because they have a large say in what happens in their daily lives in the places that they live.

With a federalist system it wouldn’t be top-down with big government thinking it knows best for everyone. Instead the states and localities would be able to handle the issues that they see and are on top of live with everyday.

The national government handling the things that countries need to have done at the national level. Like interstate commerce, interstate crime, foreign policy, the national economy, taxation, but where the states and localities could have their own tax revenue to pay for the operations of their own governments.

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