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Liberty Pen: Uncommon Knowledge With Peter Robinson- Thomas Sowell: 'President Obama's Health Care Reform

Source:Liberty Pen- Thomas Sowell, talking to Peter Robinson, about President Barack Obama's health care reform plan.

"Thomas Sowell discusses the proposition that government can operate a health system more efficiently than the market." Liberty Pen." 

You look at the Affordable Care Act of 2010 objectively, you'll see what is basically a health insurance reform law. As well as expanding health insurance through the private market for people who can't afford health insurance on their own. 

It's not "government-run health care or health insurance" that Democratic Socialists in America were calling for: a single-payer Medicare for all health insurance law, with government-run hospitals, thats similar to Canada or Britain. There's no new entitlement program in the ACA that the right-wing claim is is in it. 

The ACA simply reforms the private health insurance industry to prevent them from abusing its patients. Like dropping them from coverage just because they get sick, ending lifetime caps on the amount of health insurance they can consume. Or kicking them out of hospitals before they are ready, closing the "doughnut hole" in Medicare and making that program more affordable. 

The Affordable Care Act is simply a Patients Bill of Rights, that expands health insurance coverage for 30M Americans who can't afford health insurance on their own or their employers plan, through the private health insurance market, with a tax credit that helps people pay for their health insurance. 

And it's not just President Obama's health care law, but it's also every Democratic Member of Congress who voted for it and got an amendment attached to it. As well as every Republican Member of Congress who got an amendment attached to it as well. They all own at least a piece of the Affordable Care Act. 

What I believe the President originally wanted to do was design a new health care system for America that would be similar to France a combination of private and public health insurance, but where the people not the government would decide for themselves where they got their health insurance and health care. And wouldn't have to get it from a private or public monopoly. Thats what France has and France health care system costs half of what ours does. 

The reason why the President pushed hard for a public option in health care reform, a non-profit health insurance provider that would be independent of the Federal Government that people could choose or not choose. The Affordable Care Act is not a perfect law by far but its a good first step in reforming our health insurance system that cost twice as much as the rest of the developed world for similar outcomes. 

I would like to see a public option in the future as well as more reforms to brings down our overall health care costs.

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