Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The New Republic: Adam Winkler: Franklin Roosevelt: "The Father Of Gun Control": FDR's Legacy on The Democratic Party

Franklin Roosevelt: The Father Of Gun Control | The New Republic

Pre FDR the Democratic Party for the most part was a Conservative-Libertarian Party basically with a growing. Progressive/Social Democratic base that wanted to grow the Federal Government to have a bigger impact on Americans lives. And in society, the creation of the safety net but they wanted to go even further and create what's known in Europe. As a welfare state that would have a big role in literally taking care of people in the country, from anything from. Healthcare to childcare to pensions and so fourth, as well as Federal regulations in how Americans live their lives. Mostly when it came to the economy but even on things like gun control with a proposal of a national record. Of all guns in America which to me sounds like a national DMV on steroids or something but this is how Progressives. Tend to think they put a lot of faith in central power to take care of people and even at times protect us from. Ourselves and this movement was really the post Progressive era of the 1920s and even earlier in the 20th Century.

The Democratic Party at least as I see it is made up of three political factions at least as I see it. Classical Liberals not Libertarians but Liberals in the real sense and not modern sense people who tend to be called. Progressives today who are really Social Democrats that are common in Europe, who are left of center in Europe. But would be lets say further left over here to be nice and then there are centrists or Moderate-Liberals who. Who tend to have clear Liberal leanings on social issues but tend to be less ideological and more Bi Partisan. And able to work with other Democrats but also Republicans as well. The Liberals are people like me and John Kerry Senator from Massachusetts, the Progressives are the Dennis Kucinich's. And Bernie Sanders of the World, a Representative from Ohio and Senator from Vermont respectfully. The Centrists are the people like Joe Lieberman retiring Senator from Connecticut. The Democratic Party is the Liberal Party in America but we aren't the Social Democratic Party and there's a difference.

What FDR did was bring Democratic Socialism to the for front in American politics and give Progressive Democrats a voice in America. With the New Deal and even on issues like gun control where he wanted to create a national record for. All guns that are purchased in America but the Democratic Party didn't go from being more of a Conservative Party. To the Green Party or the Democratic Socialist Party, because the Wendell Willkie Liberal Democrats still existed in the party. And these Liberals are still in the party today so what FDR did was give Progressives a voice in the. Democratic Party but not to the point where they run the party but represent a solid faction in it.

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