Friday, February 17, 2012

"The Story of Two Men Trapped in one Body": Who's the Real Mitt Romney

Who is Mitt Romney the real person, the personality, what he believes and knows and so fourth. The answer to that question is only Mitt Romney may know the answer to that and he might not know. To put it simply as a politician, Mitt Romney is whoever he feels he needs to be. To win whatever Public Office he's running for, in 1994 when he was running for US Senate in Massachusetts. He was a Liberal Democrat registered as a Republican, because Sen. Ted Kennedy. Of course was a Democrat, in 2002 running for Governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney was a Center Left Democrat registered as a Republican and to hear him say he was an Extremely Conservative Governor. Is like a shark saying it can fly, not credible as GOV. Romney said he had a Democratic Legislature. Where 85% of the members were Democrat, GOV. Romney wouldn't of gotten anything done. As an Extreme Conservative, besides we are talking about Massachusetts, which aint Mississippi. This is not the Bible Belt, its a State thats as blue NYC Police Uniforms. Another way to think about who Mitt Romney might be, would to look at him like the Washington weather. The old joke in Washington, if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes, because it will change. We've gotten Heat Waves in April that would follow a week of rain, so if you don't like Mitt's positions. Wait ten minutes, because he may change it.

If I had to guess and I'm trying to be positive about Mitt and looking at his background. He's an Old School George HW Bush Northeastern Conservative Republican. Right of Center hardly an extremist who's interested in Economic and Foreign Policy. And is moderate to tolerant if not liberal on Social Issues or doesn't care about them. The reason why then Vice President Bush made such a heavy play for the Christian Right in 1988. When he was running for President, because he wasn't one of them and they knew that. Same thing with Mitt Romney But to be completely honest, Mitt is who he feel he needs to be at the time. To win whatever Public Office he's running for at the time. Which is why he was for the Detroit Bailouts, TARP, Affordable Care Act. Which is the national version of Massachusetts Care that GOV. Romney supported and still supports. Gay Rights, where he's still fairly consistent there and other issues. Until he realizes they are no longer popular, especially in the Republican Party. Thats now so far to the right, Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan would be considered Liberals today. Which is bad for Mitt who would've fit in perfectly with that old GOP from that generation.

A good suggestion for Mitt Romney would be will the real Mitt Romney please stand up. The problem with that however, is at least three different characters would stand up. The Liberal successful businessman Mitt, the turnaround moderate guy, the Christian Conservative. And the Flip Flopper, the guy who was for things before he realized he was against them. Only Mitt may know who he is and the rest of us may never find out.

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