Thursday, May 19, 2011

E-How Beauty: ‘Fashion Advice For Women- How to Wear Knee-High Boots With Denim Jeans’

Source:E-How Beauty- with a look at denim jeans in boots.

SourceThe Daily Press
“When wearing knee-high boots with jeans, it’s always a good idea to wear skinny jeans to ensure they fit inside your boots. Look great with your knee high boots and jeans with help from an image consulting firm owner in this free video on women’s fashion.” 
From E-How Beauty 
I love sexy women who know they are sexy and not afraid to show it. To me this is part of freedom and one of the many benefits of living in a liberal democracy. The freedom for people to be themselves and to live their own lives. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone else with their freedom. And not having big government tell them what they can and can’t do with their lives. Sexuality is part of that freedom, it’s sexual freedom.
The ability for people to show others what they have in a physical way. It’s the difference between living in a liberal democracy like America and authoritarian country like Iran. In America people have the right to essentially be themselves as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom. This is in the Constitution, which is unfortunately isn’t always enforced equally for everyone.
The Equal Protection Clause isn’t always enforced properly unfortunately. We constantly have people fighting for their constitutional rights in court that they believe were violated by others. But under our constitution people essentially have the right to live their own lives. It’s just one difference between living in a liberal democracy like America and an authoritarian theocracy like Iran.
Iran a country where freedom is constricted to what the central government believes is moral. Even if people aren’t hurting anyone with their actions. Thank God for women’s liberation of the 1960s that if anything just grew stronger in the 1970s that led up to the designer denim jeans revolution of the late 1970s that went into the 1980s. That came back even stronger in the late 1990s, that we as culture are still go through almost twenty-years later culturally.

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