Monday, March 19, 2012

T.R. Reid. Talks about Healthcare in the rest of the World: What works and doesn't work in America

What works in the American Healthcare System, is the quality of our Healthcare. Our doctors, our hospitals and our Medical Schools and colleges. We do a good job of providing Healthcare in America but we do a lousy job of paying for our Healthcare. Twice the size of the next Industrialized Nation. So what we need to do with our Healthcare System, is to build off of what we do well. But improve what doesn't work, which is how we pay for it. The 2010 Affordable Care Act, is a down payment on that. By getting more people into the Healthcare System as far as being covered for their Healthcare. Which is important so our Health Insurance just doesn't cover sick people, the most expensive people to cover. More people having Health Insurance or a Health Savings Account, especially more people with means and healthy people. And then helping people who can't afford to pay for their Healthcare, into the Healthcare System as well. Which will also help being down our Healthcare Costs, because less "Free Healthcare". Because more people would be paying for their Healthcare instead. Thats what we get because of the AFA.

If you've read my blog about Healthcare Reform before, you know I don't support Single Payer Medicare for All. Where Medicare owned by the Federal Government, would be left to decide how this entire country of 310M people. Would pay for their Healthcare, leaving Americans with no choice in how they pay for their Healthcare. I don't support the Canadian Model and if you read by blogs about Healthcare Reform before. You know I don't support the British Model when it comes to Healthcare as well. Which is almost exactly what "Socialized Medicine" looks like. The UK actually does have some Private Hospitals and Health Insurers. But most of the country gets their Healthcare through the NHS. Which runs most of the hospitals in Britain and provides most of the Health Insurance. Just because Canada and Britain's Healthcare System cost half of what our does or less. Doesn't exactly means that would work in a country thats ten and five times larger.

What would work in America and what President Obama was trying to accomplish in 2009-10. Before he and Congressional Democrats settled on the Affordable Care Act. Would be expanding our Private/Public Healthcare System. Not eliminating Private Health Insurers or Hospitals but regulating them with what's known as a Patients Bill of Rights. Helping people who aren't eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, pay for their Health Insurance. As well as employers with a Tax Credit and then creating a Public Option for Health Insurance. Allowing non Senior Citizens to pay into Medicare, as well as their employers. Giving Americans the option, to either keep their current Health Insurance. Or choose Medicare but pay into Medicare with their employers or pay the cost themselves. This is essentially what France has a Private/Public Healthcare System. Letting the French decide for themselves and their Healthcare Costs are actually lower the France and Britain.

But this is just about how we get more people into the Health Insurance System paying for their Healthcare. Which would be a big step in bringing down our Healthcare Costs but we actually have to go much further then that. And get past Sick Care, which is what we have now and move to Healthcare. Where we can bring down our Healthcare Costs long term, just by doing a better job of taking care of ourselves. Encouraging good behavior and charging for bad behavior. So we can avoid having to have certain Healthcare in the future. Which is called Preventive Care, which would make us healthier as a country in the future. And bring down our Healthcare Costs.

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