Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gorgeous Celebs: The Best of Raquel Welch

Source:The New Democrat

There hasn't been a better looking women since Marilyn Monroe died than Raquel Welch. That's how high she stands out, a hot sexy baby who at 74 years old still has those qualities. Who can sing, dance, act, make people laugh and even right while doing those things. She's gift from heaven down to men because of all of those traits, that is a national treasure that always commands respect. 

And she's still going strong and still does not look like an older women, senior citizen who has been eligible for Medicare and Social Security for what nine years now. Why, because she's still a hot baby-face sexy baby goddess who takes care of herself and doesn't want to look old or go old and as a result keeps providing men with countless images of her that a man with Alzheimer's disease couldn't forget even if they wanted to. And leaving women young enough to be her daughter and even granddaughter jealous as a result. 

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