Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Arizona's Immigration Law Heads to the Supreme Court: Another Failure by the Federal Government

Whether you like the Arizona Immigration Law or not and I don't. I wrote a blog coming out against it two years ago and there's nothing mew thats changed my mind about it. We would not be debating this, had the Federal Government been doing its job. Had they been enforcing our Immigration Laws and securing the Borders, especially the Southern Border. Enforcing current Immigration Laws, like preventing people from entering the country illegally in the first place. Cracking down on employers that hire Illegal Immigrants. Things they could be doing as of right now, thats already Federal Law. That they have the Constitutional Authority to do but have chosen not to. Why because Illegal Immigrants provide employers with Cheap Labor. And they could pay these workers less then they would have to pay American Workers. Why because who would the Illegal Immigrants be able to turn to. They are already in the country illegally and obviously don't want to be turned in by their employer. Employers have been lobbying the Feds not to crack down on Illegal Immigration. Because they want their Cheap Labor.

The Federal Government has known the Illegal Immigration has been a problem in America. With somewhere in the neighborhood of 15M Illegal Immigrants in the country. The same size as the Los Angeles Metro Area by the way. The 2nd largest Metro Area in the country. For ten years now but have either chosen not to or have failed to pass any laws to fix the problems. To President George W. Bush's credit and it may be five years before you hear me give President Bush credit. For anything again, he attempted to pass Immigration Reform. From 2005=07 and came fairly close, a Republican House passed a Border Control bill in late 2005. But President Bush said he would veto that and Senate Democrats led by. Then Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, had the votes to block it. The Senate with a Bi Partisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill in 2006-07. Led by Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsay Graham, Sen. Pat Leahy and others. Had that bill that President Bush supported but Senate Republicans blocked it both in 2006 and 07.

I don't like Arizona Immigration Reform bill, it will lead to Racial Profiling. And why the bill will get thrown out later on. The only thing is Latin Americans will experience this before the bill gets thrown out. But the Federal Government only has themselves to blame for this failure. Because this failure is there's and what Arizona did was try to step up where Uncle Sam has failed them.

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