Monday, January 23, 2012

C-SPAN: Dennis Prager- 'Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse'

Source:C-SPAN- Right-wing radio talk show host Dennis Prager: speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in 2011.
"Dennis Prager's Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse. From Townhall." 

From Townhall

I think Dennis Prager is smarter than what he seems to want people to believe, especially on the hyper-partisan Right. You even hear him say things that he meets all the stereotypes of the stereotypical (meaning not real) Liberal in America: 

He's from New York

He's Jewish 

He went to Columbia University

Which tells me that Dennis Prager is not talking about Liberals, but stereotypical Liberals. (Meaning not real Liberals) 

Hyper-partisan right-wingers, people who are right-wing populists, want Americans to believe that Liberal is a short way of saying anti-establishment, hipster Un-American revolutionary, who wants to move America to Scandinavia economically, politically and culturally, who hates everything that America is supposed to stand for, who wants to take down the man (meaning the white man) and replace the American government with some type of socialist state. Perhaps a democratic socialist state, but perhaps not, because remember that Far-Leftists actually don't have any real issues with communism. And some of them are actually honest enough to admit that. 

So, maybe Dennis Prager is actually talking about Socialists and like closeted Socialists in America he's scared to death of the s-word, as well as c-word. Or he's like these other hyper-partisan, right-wingers, who want Americans to believe Liberals actually meet the stereotypes of what Liberals are supposed to be and what they are supposed to believe in, because they're afraid that Americans might discover that they're actually pretty liberal and it's not just Far-Leftists who are illiberal (meaning not liberal) but Far-Rightists are just as illiberal, because they have their own crackdowns when it comes to things like free speech, personal freedom, even property rights and U.S. Constitution. And these Far-Rightists are terrified that Americans will learn what the Far-Right really is and who they really are. 

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