Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Aging Prisoner Boom: Picturing Our Elderly Behind Bars: How To Treat our Elderly Inmates

I do believe that Prison Inmates who committed horrible crimes and are convicted and given Life Sentences should never be free again. Murderers, Serial Rapists, Terrorists, White Collar criminals like the Bernie Madoff's of the World, who commit such horrible crimes against the economy. That leave thousands if not millions of people bankrupt and will never see that money again and are left in financial ruin, just to use as examples. But there are ways of doing things and ways not to do things, punishment yes but when we sentenced people to life sentences, the State essentially takes responsibility for the well being of these people. And basically has an obligation to look after their well being, I'm not saying we should let lifers out of prison because they are old or for any other reasons. Other then getting their sentences overturned but we have an obligation as a society to make sure they get the care that they need and also an obligation to Tax Payers. To see that they get the care that they need, in the most Cost Effective way possible.

This is just one of the reasons why I'm in favor of putting inmates to school and work, so they are productive in prison. Whether they are serving a two year sentence or a life sentence and most of these reasons are practical. So they can produce and cover their Living Expenses while in prison, send money home and to their victims but also especially if they are serving sentences. That will keep them in prison to their senior years or are serving life, so they can put money away, to cover their Living Expenses as old people. Sorta like Medicare or a pension plan for inmates that they would pay into, that would be matched by their employer, while in prison. So Tax Payers don't get stuck with the bill of having to cover the Healthcare of people who never worked for a living and we could finance something like this, by returning Prison Industries back to our Corrections System.

Again I'm not talking about releasing lifers just because they are old or for any other reason, other then being found innocent. But setting up a Healthcare System in prison, Senior Homes for inmates, that would be financed by the Prison Healthcare System, that the inmates would pay into themselves. Saving precious Tax Revenue for other priorities in government that are already underfunded.

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