Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Liberal Alliance Beat Islamists in Libya Vote: Liberal Democrats Taking Power in Libya

Today perhaps some of the fears can be put aside that there must be Secular Authoritarian Regimes in Arab Nations. Because of fears that Islamic Theocrats will take control of these countries once the Authoritarians are thrown out of power. Libya in their recent elections voted Liberal Democrats into power who beat I guess what would be Libya's version of the Religious Right and hopefully for Libya thats all they are. Instead of Theocrats who want to turn Libya into Iran or someplace like that, if Democrats are in power in Libya, whether they are Liberal, which of course I would prefer. Conservative or Socialist, then Libya can move forward as a country and move past the Kadaffi Regime and build Libya as a country, a large country physically but with only 6M people. That has a lot of room to grow and the Natural Resources to build this country and thy will be able to do this, because the Libyan People will have the freedom to build their own country. And no longer have to fear their own government or watch their government squander its resources or use its resources to hold down its own people, which is something that they wouldn't be able to do, if the Authoritarians or Theocrats were in charge of this large country.

Looks like Liberalism may be alive and well in at least one Arab Nation and that Authoritarianism and Theocracy may be taking a back seat in one of the largest Arab States in Arabia physically with a lot of Natural Resources. Which will give the Libyan People the freedom to build their own country and see what they can do with it, where minorities and women won't have to worry about being targeted by their own government.

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