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Otto Preminger: The Man With The Golden Arm (1955) Starring Frank Sinatra & Kim Novak

Source:Turner Classic Movies- Chairman Frank Sinatra and Hollywood Goddess Kim Novak.

Source:The New Democrat  

"In the late 1940s, Frankie Majcinek, who is known as Frankie Machine, returns to Chicago's South Side, which is mostly inhabited by Polish Americans, after serving a six-month sentence at a federal narcotics hospital. The denizens of Antek's Tug `n' Maul Tavern, Frankie's favorite bar, are pleased to see Frankie, especially his best friend, "lost dog finder" Sparrow. Although Frankie's former drug supplier, Nifty Louie Fomorowski, offers Frankie a free "fix," Frankie refuses and vows to Sparrow that he has kicked narcotics for good and intends to become a drummer for a big-name band. Frankie proudly shows off the drums he was given at the hospital, and after sending Sparrow to find him some new clothes, goes to the roominghouse where he lives with his wheelchair-bound wife Zosh.

The neurotic Zosh, determined to keep Frankie with her by whatever means necessary, has manipulated him for three years by playing on his guilt over causing the accident that injured her while he was driving drunk. Zosh is dubious about his plans to become a musician and urges him to return to dealing poker for Zero Schwiefka. Frankie's consistent method of dealing has earned him a city-wide reputation as "the man with the golden arm," but Frankie is determined to improve his life so that he is not tempted to return to drugs. Frankie calls Harry Lane, a musical agent referred to him by his doctor at the narcotics hospital, and makes an appointment to see...  

Source:Scott Charles- Frank Sinatra: The Chairman of the Board. who is currently locked up in this scene.

"A strung-out junkie deals with a demoralizing drug addiction while his crippled wife and card sharks pull him down. Directed by Otto Preminger. Starring Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak and Eleanor Parker."

From Scott Charles

Source:Bolinha Franca- Hollywood Goddess Kim Novak.

Frank Sinatra was overpaid to be able to work with Kim Novak. The pleasure was all his to be able to work with a hot sexy baby like Kim that he got to work with and see everyday. Who was also a pretty good actress and I’m sure Kim liked Frank as well. Not putting down Frank's ability as an actor, because I think he was a hell of an actor, but just seeing a working with Kim everyday would be enough incentive to work with her. 

If you've seen the movie Pal Joey and are familiar with that, which I saw again last week, this movie is fairly similar to Pal Joey. Except Frank is already sort of a made man in the entertainment business in the sense that he's already successful. 

In The Man With The Golden Arm, Frank plays an up-incoming musician who hasn't made it yet, who has a checkered past including doing time. And has to do other things to pay his bills including gambling.

Frank also plays a drug addict in this movie, when in Pal Joey he was sober basically the entire movie. But in both movies he meets Kim Novak who is an entertainer herself working at local clubs and they get involved in both movies. Except in Golden Arm, Kim saves Frank from his addiction and helps him get cleaned and then they get involved. This time the woman saves the man in the movie. 

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