Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Associated Press: Marcela Isaza: 'Stars Don't Blame Hollywood for Shooting Rampage'

Source:Associated Press- actress Demi Levato.

"The AP's Marcela Isaza asks Will.I.Am, Demi Levato and others if on screen violence is to blame for the Colorado shootings." 

First of all, the fact that Hollywood actors and other workers in Hollywood wouldn't blame their own industry and company town for the violence in America, is as surprising as seeing an ocean full of water, or a lot of people at the pool on a hot day. That's where they work, that's where they got rich and famous. And besides, they're entertainers, so you have to at least consider that anytime they take a public position on anything. They're not going to do or say anything that could put their future earnings and career at risk. 

Second, Hollywood is a business more than anything else. If there's a large market for violent films and other violent entertainment and they can make a lot of money producing that entertainment, that's exactly what they're going to do. Which is their right as private individuals and businesspeople. 

So I believe this gets to personal responsibility and people knowing what they're looking at and seeing and then deciding it's not real. And just because some celebrity looks cool in a film or on TV blowing someone away or violently beating someone else up on TV or in the film, doesn't mean that would be a cool thing to do in real life. Well, that wouldn't be the right thing to do in real life, even if did make you look cool with hipsters. 

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