Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stars Don't Blame Hollywood for Shooting Rampage: Why Individual Freedom and Personal Responsibility are Important

This post is an example of what its like o blog on a slow news day and hopefully it won't put you asleep. And I can stay awake long enough to get through it and complete the post but to state the obvious. Hollywood or Foreign Wars aren't at fault for the Aurora Shootings, the person who has the main responsibility in this tragedy, is the gunmen, assuming James Holmes is guilty here and he'll get his day in court. He's the one along with his victims that are going to pay the price for this tragedy, the victims, families and friends have already paid that price, the families and friends are still paying this price. Not violence in Hollywood or violent video games and we can discuss how we can prevent these tragedies from happening in the future, like better security at movies theaters would be the first place I would start. Like emergency exits being locked from the outside would be the first place I would start, the movie theater in Aurora has some responsibility in this as well. And don't be surprised if they face a lawsuit from the victims families in the future as well, not Hollywood or video games, you can't blame this on James Holmes parents either. He came from a good family.

The 2nd Amendment protects peoples right to Self Defense, thats why we have it, there is no right to murder though. Which is why the gunmen, again assuming they have the right person, is why he's been arrested and will probably never see freedom again. We have Individual Freedom and Personal Responsibility in America, the Freedom for people to live their own lives. But we are all held responsibility for the decisions that we make in life, which is what James Holmes is facing right now. Life is about choices, the better the choices you make in life, the better the life you'll life, the gunmen didn't have to by those Assault Weapons and murder those people. And the Aurora theater made the decision not to check to see that, that emergency exit was locked or didn't fulfill their responsibility to make sure that the emergency exit was locked. These are the people who should be held responsible for this tragedy, not movies, music or video games.

Republicans and Right Wingers in general have been arguing for thirty years or more that Americans need to be held responsible for the decisions they make in life. Not try to pass that responsibility on to others, especially people who weren't involved in those bad decisions. And guess what they've been right all along, which is why we shouldn't try to blame Hollywood or someone else for the bad choices of one young man.

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