Monday, June 18, 2012

Drug Talk and Parenting, the New Rules: How Coloradans are Looking at Marijuana

I like how this one Colorado Mother is looking at marijuana, from a practical point of view and being realistic, which is similar to how parents look at alcohol and tobacco. That they want their kids to use good judgement about that and not go along with things just because they are popular. But that they should do what's right for them, realizing they can't stop their kids from drinking or smoking, whether its tobacco or marijuana. Short of locking their kids in their rooms until they are 21 or something and risk being arrested for Child Abuse or something. But that these are the facts and consequences that come with using marijuana and even if you do use it, be responsible with it. Treat it like alcohol or tobacco, don't overindulge, don't drive or use heavy equipment while you are high, if you get high, the Mother of this Colorado teenage girl. I believe and again the only thing I know about her, is what I saw in this video but she seems, again based on what I saw and heard, has a Real World approach. To how she talks about narcotics with her daughter, which is the approach we should be taking with all of our kids. These drugs are out there, I can't stop you from using them but I can inform you about the consequences of using them.

This is what I hope Colorado, Washington State, Connecticut and perhaps other States decide this November. Which is what California failed to decide in 2010 and has been on a Big Government march ever since, that penalizing, even criminalizing people for how they live their own lives. Is simply stupid because of how big a waste it is, California has a huge debt and deficit, as well as the largest Prison Population in the Unites States and a lot of their inmates are confined, because of something to do with the War on Drugs. This War is not only stupid but we simply can't afford it anymore, we have too many people in prison, that aren't threats to anyone. That could be productive people on the outside, if they get the opportunity to do so. People on the right who are always railing against Big Government, because they see it as a threat to Freedom. Should be against the War on Drugs for the same reason.

This Colorado Mother is taking a Real World approach to marijuana, which is the same approach, she taken to alcohol. She doesn't believe she can stop her daughter from using these drugs and doesn't want to see her arrested for using them and perhaps if anything expects her daughter. To at least experiment with alcohol and perhaps even marijuana. So she wants her daughter to have all of the facts about there, before considering using them.

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