Monday, June 11, 2012

The Onion: 'High Unemployment- Linked to One Man With 42,000 Jobs'

Source:The Onion- the man with too many jobs, while millions of Americans are unemployed. Well, according to The Onion.

“High Unemployment Rate Linked To One Man With 42,000 Jobs. A recent report finds that one man is selfishly working thousands of jobs while other Americans go without even one. (Aired 10/25/11)” 

From The Onion 

Maybe if we didn’t have so many damn workaholics like the Jim Richmond’s of the world who work in three difference cities on the same say, doing three different jobs at once, we wouldn’t have the high unemployment that we have. Just throwing a stupid thought out there.

Source:The Daily Press- the three men along with Jim Richmond who are responsible for the high unemployment in America?

No wonder we have so much unemployment in this country. Jim Smith lets call him (for lack of a last name) has 42K jobs. You know to be honest with you, I have a hard time believing that one person could manage 42K jobs. I mean he would have to be Superman on steroids. A man with 14-21 thousand clones to pull this off, even making Mitt Romney jealous of all the clones he has. Perhaps Jim borrowed some of his clones from Mitt. He would have to be the worst workaholic imaginable. Someone who never sleeps, perhaps always on caffeine picking up a caffeine addiction while working at Starbucks and running another Starbucks.

Jim Smith with that caffeine addiction, to be able to fly planes on the weekend, while he’s air traffic controlling other planes in another city, at the same time. Flying from New York to St. Louis, while landing planes in Miami. His kids probably don’t remember the last time they’ve seen him. His wife or several of his wives (perhaps he’s Mormon) and ladies he’s met on 2000 of his jobs, have already filed missing person reports. But the problem that police have, no not that they ran out of coffee and doughnuts, Jim gave them a new supply, while working at Dunkin Doughnuts. The problem that police have is that they don’t know which Jim Smith to look for.

How do you track someone down with 42K jobs? Not only that, but how do you track down someone with 42K jobs named Jim Smith? You look up that name in a phonebook and you see 1K guys with that name and then maybe you say: “Well, how many guys named Jim Smith with 42K jobs?” Well, only one if any, but I’m skeptical that one guy could have all of those jobs. I know what you are thinking to be skeptical of that there is a guy with 42K jobs, would be like trying to believe that Mitt Romney is unemployed, or Barack Obama is a Socialist or Santa Clause doesn’t really exist.

Well, call me crazy then, but I don’t believe it to begin with. I have this weird suspicion that this story was made up by Onion News and I know what you are thinking. That Onion News reports more facts than Fox News. Well thats true, but if Mitt Romney is unemployed, then anything is possible. I mean who says that President Obama’s economic policies aren’t working: 42K jobs were created for one man alone.

With that type of job growth, we can create so many jobs, that we won’t have enough unemployed workers and then we won’t need as big as a safety net. Which of course would drive so-called Progressives (hyper active Socialists, really ) crazy to the point where they would come up with policies to layoff more workers, but wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have. 

President Barack Obama: 'Mitt Romney's Economic Plan: It Didn't Work Then, It Won't Work Now'

Source:President Barack Obama- Governor Mitt Romney (Republican, Massachusetts) presidential campaign rally.

"Mitt Romney's Economic Plan? He wants to cut jobs for firefighters, police, and teachers. It's the same thing he did in Massachusetts. The plan didn't work then and it won't work now." 

I think the strategy that the Obama Campaign is using against Mitt Romney is pretty obvious. Governor Romney is running as a successful businessman and job creator, not as the former Governor of Massachusetts, a job that he had from 2003-07. 

The reason for that is because the job that he did as Governor, is not something that a Republican wants to run on, at least nationally. The biggest accomplishments that Governor Romney had are accomplishments that a Progressive Democrat would run on: universal health insurance and same-sex-marriage. And his job as a job creator is not much to brag about either, being in the 40s when it comes to economic and job growth in his state.

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