Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FRSFreeState: The Hill: Opinion: US Representative Raul Grijalva: "What We Need is a New Deal": How We Can Avoid The Fiscal Cliff and Rebuild America

What we need is a New Deal - The Hill

What the Congressional Progressive Caucus is talking about, which is made up of roughly 70-80 members of Congress. Depending on how they did in the elections, from both the House and Senate, Social Democrats or Democratic Socialists. Depending on what you prefer, Progressive Democrats in the Democratic Caucus's in the House and Senate, what they are talking about led by their Leader. Representative Raul Grijalva, is creating a new New Deal from the 1930s and but using that type of economic plan. For now, investing roughly 1T$ in new infrastructure investment around the country, of course paid for with across the board. Tax hikes on everyone, at least thats what Green party Presidential nominee Jill Stein proposed this year, perhaps the CBC would only raise taxes on the wealthy to do this. Its back to the future for the Progressive Caucus to put millions of Americans back to work and then. Somehow the revenue from whatever would come from this would help us get our debt and deficit under control.

President Obama never proposed this even when he had a Democratic Congress, he understands that middle class Americans. Right now are over taxed and a 50% tax hike on them when they are struggling to pay their mortgage, car payment. Pay the bills for their business, could kill them financially even if it meant that more Americans would be working and they could get more customers as a result. We do need more infrastructure investment but we also need to pay for it in a way that doesn't make it harder for the. Middle class to pay their bills and doesn't make our debt and deficit any worse then it is, we could start to pay. Down our debt and deficit by eliminating and reforming things in the Federal Government to make it more effective. And less expensive and that means all across the Federal budget, as well as a millionaires taxes and closing wasteful tax loopholes.

What the President and Congress will have after they resolve the fiscal cliff in a responsible way, is to then. Have an opportunity to move to create some type of what President Obama calls the American Jobs Act. That would include new infrastructure investment, new investments in energy, cleaning up the tax code so companies. Are encouraged to invest in America, rather then somewhere else and more tax relief for consumers  and business's that encourages economic growth, rather then hoping it occurs. But this kinda Democratic Socialist model where they put all of the power in the Federal Government to. Achieve new economic and job growth, is not being considered by anyone who has the power to get it passed. Through Congress and signed into law.

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