Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Hampshire Moves Towards Decriminalization of Marijuana: The give me Liberty or give Death State Living up to that

You know if it wasn't for the figid winters in New Hampshire, where they get like 5-6 months of winter every year. Its been about 80 degrees in the Nations Capital the last two days and gorgeous . In March, I would at least consider living in New Hampshire, because it is a beautiful State. With great people, reasonable driving distance from a big city, Boston. And politically they fit in real well with my Liberal Politics. I mean they are called the "Give me Liberty or give me Death State. It doesn't get much better then that, I'm from Maryland still live there. And we have beautiful weather and beautiful people but with a lot of Elitist Snobs. Who look down at people who aren't from, a big Northeastern city or California. But politically we are called the Free State, just like this blog. And politically I fit in well here as well, the reason why I mentioned this, not to put you asleep. Because this week I've been blogging a lot about what I call Freedom of Choice Issues. And thats what marijuana is to me, regulate not prohibit.

New Hampshire took another step today in living up to its State Motto. With its House passing a bill to Decriminalize Marijuana. Hopefully realizing that it doesn't make sense to arrest Free Adults and put them in jail or prison. For possessing or smoking marijuana, arresting them for doing something that doesn't affect anyone else. Arresting someone for possessing marijuana, is like arresting someone for possessing a beer or a bottle of wine. Arresting someone for smoking a joint, is like arresting someone for drinking a beer or a glass of scotch. The dangers and risks of one, are about equal to the other. Comparing marijuana with alcohol and you get a hell of a lot more benefit from it being legal then illegal. With taxes and keeping people out of jail and prison and saving those resources for real criminals.

Legalizing Marijuana is the same as Legalizing Alcohol and the arguments for not, is the same for one as the other. It would lead to Legalization of other Drugs, how many other Narcotics. Have we Legalized since Alcohol, exactly, I believe we are about to Legalize another. But the jury is still out on that and Marijuana would be the first one in at least eighty years. Punishing Free Adults for what they do to themselves, simply doesn't work. The activity still goes on, as we have eighty years of experience that shows this.

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