Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maryland General Assembly: Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Source:The Washington Times- same-sex marriage coming to the Free State of Maryland.

Source:FRS FreeState 

“ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s same-sex marriage bill now moves to the state Senate, where floor debate could begin this week, after its narrow passage in the House. 

The bill, which would make Maryland the eighth state along with the District to legalize gay marriage, appears to have majority support in the 47-member Senate, which passed the bill last year by a 25-21 vote. 

After working furiously last week to gain several crucial votes in the House, supporters in the Senate will mainly have the task of protecting the support they already have.” 

From the Washington Times 

"The Maryland same sex marriage bill is now on Governor O'Malley's desk after passing the state senate."

Source:MPT News- the Maryland State Senate chamber.

From MPT News 

Maryland’s State nickname is the Free State. And to have a name like that for yourself to take that name and call yourself the Free State, to me at least as a Liberal, you have a lot to live up to, because it suggests you believe that Marylanders should be free to live their own lives. And not have state restrictions on how you live your own lives. That we are a Free State with free adults, people who live their own lives.

If you are a free stater, you believe that big government should not in our bedrooms or wallets. (As Barry Goldwater used to describe his own politics) That Marylanders would be able to live their own lives as they see fit. As long as they are not hurting anyone else with what they are doing. 

If your only argument against same-sex-marriage is that it violates your religious beliefs and that homosexuality violates your religious beliefs and therefor everyone else regardless of their religious beliefs should be forced to live under your religious values, then you don’t have a real argument against same-sex-marriage. Because America is a republic, not a theocracy. And so is the Free State of Maryland.

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