Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NAEH: Ian Lisman- 'The President's FY 2013 Budget Proposal: Ending Veterans Homelessness'

Source:National Alliance To End Homelessness- Ian Lisman talking about the President's budget.

"An interview with National Alliance to End Homelessness policy and program analyst (and veteran) Ian Lisman. Ian goes over best practices and strategies to end veteran homelessness." 

I like what Ian Lisman is talking here and is something I talk about when I'm talking about homelessness and poverty in America in general, which is not just transitional housing and making sure that there are enough beds and food in each shelter, but talking about ways to move homeless people, especially chronically homeless people from shelters to long-term housing. 

A lot of people who are chronically homeless are in that situation because substance abuse addicts like with alcohol, as well as illegal drugs. Or dealing with long-term mental issues that prevents them, as well as their substance abuse issues from getting jobs that they can hold onto and allows for themselves to become financially independent with their own homes and everything else that free people in a free society are able to do for themselves. 

What we should be talking about when it comes to homelessness and poverty in general, is to help people who are in these situations, help themselves so they're no longer homeless. That starts with a clean bed and good food. But long-term if you want to keep these folks from having to come back to shelter at all, we have to deal, with the issues that bring them to shelters in the first place. Which is drug addition, mental problems, and lack of an education which prevents people who are in these situations from getting and hold onto long-term good jobs that allows for these folks to live in freedom and not live in poverty at all.

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