Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The President's FY 2013 Budget Proposal: Ending Veterans Homelessness: How to do it

Its a tragedy that we have Homeless Veterans in America, these people risk their lives. For the United States and come back, either without a home or are so messed up from their Military Experience. Being in combat etc and didn't get the help that they needed while in service. And they weren't able to function when they got home. Unable to get a job or hold a job once they get home, unable to pay their rent or mortgage. Because they aren't able to hold a job, lose their home and are on the street. There examples of Homeless Veterans where their families don't even realize they are Homeless. They lost touched for whatever reasons, otherwise most likely they would've helped their relatives. So what we need to do as a country is making sure our Military Veterans are getting the Healthcare that they need. So we can avoid these situations in the first place. President Obama has a plan to employ Unemployed Veterans who don't have jobs waiting for them. When they get home, thats another step with things like Tax Credits for hiring Military Veterans. But before we get to that, we have to help these people get themselves in position. So they can have a place to live long term, thats not in a Housing Shelter. But like in an apartment or home, that they would pay rent or a mortgage. But for that to happen, they need to be working, they have to get the Healthcare they need. In order to be in position to be working again and get themselves a good job. So they can pay their bills, their housing etc and get back on their feet.

So what we need in America as far as dealing with homelessness, for Military Veterans and everyone else. Is a three step approach, the basic needs for homeless people. The Healthcare they may or may not need, a temporary place to stay, food obviously. Things like State ID if they don't already have one but then we need to take it a step forward. Things like Job Training and Education, which would lead to Job Placement, help them find a job. And then help them if they need it, find a home, if they land a good job. They probably won't need Public Housing, especially if they are functioning Military Veterans. We could these people back to work working on Public Infrastructure, which may be just a temporary job. But they would be up and working, which could lead to a permanent job. And then they can be Self Sufficient, no longer homeless and living in poverty. But able to take care of themselves and once again producing in society. And we can do this by creating what I would call Housing Centers. Which would be an improvement over Homeless Shelters, because these people would get a place to stay in the short term. But moving forward they would get help getting a job and their own place to live.

What we need in America to deal with homelessness, is Housing Centers a Non Profit Organization running these Centers. That are in the business to to help homeless people. But not just give them assistance but empower them to become Self Sufficient. Education, Job Training, Job Placement and Healthcare and the good news. Is we can finance organizations like this with current revenue. Through Public Assistance, Unemployment Insurance, Welfare Insurance, Disability Insurance. Housing Vouchers so they can finance their stay in a Housing Center, Food Assistance. Put the homeless to work at the Housing Centers but we need to get up and actually do these things. Instead of just complaining about the problem.

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