Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AP: Video: RAW: Liberals and Conservatives See Options: Where Democrats and Republicans Can Come Together

There were some areas last night in President Obama's speech where there's common ground for Democrats and Republicans to work together. And in a couple areas already Democrats and Republicans are already working together in Congress. On comprehensive immigration reform where there are already Bi Partisan agreements in the House and Senate. As far as frameworks to draft a bill, hold hearings and markup bills this year and at least in the Senate. They are looking to pass a bill by the summer and we'll see what the House does. And there's already movement in the Senate to prevent gun violence in areas of background checks and dealing with. Mental health in this country and the Senate will take up a bill in March. Another area will be in the Senate where again Senator Tom Harkin and Senator Lamar Alexander the. Chairman and Ranking Member of the Labor Committee that oversees education in this country will have a bill to deal. With the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which covers public education in this country and the role that the Federal Government plays in it.

Another area where I believe Democrats and Republicans will be able to work together especially with the new rule changes. Where now the Senate will at least be able to debate and vote to amend bills which will make it more difficult for Senate Republican to obstruct. Because now they'll be able to weigh in on legislation, is in the area of infrastructure investment. Where infrastructure in this country has Bi Partisan support and where this country needs a lot of. Work and would put a lot of Americans back to work and be a big boost for the country. So I expect to see President Obama and the Senate Democratic Leadership will push a bill in the. Senate and hopefully will be able to work with Senate Republicans on that and at least get a bill out of the Senate. Which would be their jobs bill and hopefully the House will do something there as well.

The 112th Congress was different politically because of the Tea Party members in Congress and with Republicans winning back the House. And with Democrats worried about losing all of the power they had left, the White House and Senate. And Republicans obviously looking to get back all of the power and add the White House and Senate. So there wasn't much incentive for Democrats and Republicans to work together. But because of Democrats doing as well as they did in 2012 and adding seats and adding to their Senate majority. With the Republican Party less popular there's now incentive for both party's to work together. And get some things done.

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