Monday, July 30, 2012

Today in History for July 30th: The Importance of These Events

July 30th 1975 roughly five months before I was born, Jimmy Hoffa the President of the Teamsters Union, when Organize Labor was still a big factor in America. Is presumed to be dead because he goes missing without any sign of kidnapping, no reported kidnappers, no one demanding ransom. He just fall off the face of the earth an unsolved mystery now thirty seven years old. It was rumored that he was buried on the site where Giants Stadium was built in East Rutherford, New jersey. That opened in 1976, Medicaid and Medicare are created and signed into law. On this day 1965, the Federal Health Insurers for Low Income people and Senior Citizens. At probably the height and power of President Lyndon Johnson when he could pretty much get Congress to do anything he wanted. Which wouldn't last much longer as the Vietnam War went on an became more unpopular as he escalated that War. With Approval Rating dropping and with Congressional Republicans picking up a bunch of seats in both the House and Senate in 1966, a lot of that because of President Johnson's unpopularity.

The Jimmy Hoffa disappearance is very important because the influence of Organize Labor has never been the same. As corrupt and as many flaws that Hoffa had, Organize Labor was very important in the United States under his Leadership and especially in the last twenty years or so. That influence has been sinking ever since and the Democratic Party they at one point they owned a lot of, that influence on Democrats hasn't been the same since. As Democrats have found other ways to raise money and be competitive with Republicans to the point that they can now out raise Republicans. Medicaid and Medicare even though I wouldn't of designed them the way they were, have been important in insuring that some Americans have at least some access to Health Insurance.

Today in History July 30th is a very important and interesting day in History because a lot of important things have happened on this day. And you could argue that the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa was such a big blow to Organize Labor, that thirty seven years later they haven't recovered from since. It was also the height of President Johnson that he was never able to get back to.

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