Sunday, October 16, 2011

Marijuana Policy Project: 'Our Marijuana Laws Destroy Lives: The Rachel Hoffman Tragedy'

Source:Marijuana Policy Project- victims of the War on Drugs?

"Watch the tale of Rachel Hoffman, a young college student killed when the police bust she was aiding in went wrong." 

With all the problems and actual dangers that America faces as a country, in crime, economic and in foreign policy and with the limited resources that we have as a country. Because we are drowning in debt, you would think that we would dedicate the limited resources that we have to address the actual problems that we face as a country, while we are trying to get the economy going again. And trying to get our Federal debt and deficit under control and stop arresting people who aren't hurting anyone other than maybe themselves. 

We don't arrest people for eating or selling junk food or drinking or selling soft drinks (at least not yet) and we should stop putting innocent people's lives in danger as well as their family and friends by having them go undercover to try to get evidence on people, for what they do to themselves. 

There are so many reasons not to have marijuana prohibition in America and a lot of them can be traced back to alcohol prohibition. One reason would be and is enough for me as a Liberal, gets to freedom of choice. We now have the right to drink alcohol (that is adults 21 or older) we now have the right as adults 18 or over to smoke, tobacco but yet we don't have the right to smoke or use marijuana. 

Marijuana is a drug thats less or about as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco, that causes less damage on society as the other two drugs. Thats still being used in society just illegally under current law and being used tax free. (And you wonder why we have runaway deficits and debt)

All of you so-called Progressives (Democratic Socialists, in actuality) out there that want to use a lot of government to solve our problems, should have a problem with that, because marijuana prohibition gives so-called Progressives less revenue to build their "Great Society" through government. Representative Barney Frank is a so-called Progressive in the House that actually understands this. Which is one of the reasons why he supports decriminalization of marijuana. Which means in basic terms: treating marijuana like alcohol and tobacco, through regulation. I wish more Congressional Democrats would take the same position. 

I wish President Obama who's a solid Progressive Democrat on so many other issues would come about with the same position, especially with his legal background. But instead he's to the right of some Conservatives as well as Republicans on this issue: Representative Ron Paul, Governor Gary Johnson, and the great Conservative writer Bill Buckley, and others. But instead President Obama is to the right of these three men on this issue of freedom of choice. 

At some point America as a country needs to realize that we don't have an unlimited fountain of wealth when it comes to money and other resources. That we have to be somewhat conservative (meaning responsible adults who don't have unlimited financial resources) that we are more responsible with the resources that we have as a country. And that we end marijuana prohibition from the Federal level and let the states deal with this issues themselves.

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