Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Economist: John Peet- Interviewing Adrian Woodbridge: Special Report- The Nordic Countries

Source:The Economist- The Nordic Viking? 
Source:The Economist: John Peet- Interviewing Adrian Woodbridge: Special Report- The Nordic Countries

I hate it or find it laughable when I here Social-Democrats in America compare the Nordic States to America. Look how Scandinavia takes care of its people and how their government and economy is set up. And how it works there so this is what the United States should do and it would automatically work here. When they don't mention or aren't aware of that Scandinavia as a whole is physically a large region basically the size of continental Europe not including the. United Kingdom but of only twenty five million or so and that includes Iceland, Denmark. Norway, Sweden and Finland, Sweden by itself is a country physically the size of Turkey or close. But Sweden only has around 10M people a smaller population the Cuba and Turkey has around 70M people one of the. Largest countries in the World and some point this century will also have one of the largest economies in the World. But economically they look more like America then they do Europe and have moved towards the American model. With privatization and so fourth.

The other thing that Social-Democrats fail to mention about Scandinavia, small countries with a good deal of land. Except for Iceland and Denmark and with also a lot of natural resources like oil and gas. They are energy independent not potentially but in reality and these countries are all run by Democratic-Socialists. So when you put all of these factors together, they can afford to be generous with their so called welfare states. If you want to compare other developed countries with America. Look at Germany which is still the economic powerhouse of Europe and has a mixture of American Capitalism with European Capitalism. By the way all of these countries have Capitalist economies, some are more Capitalist then others thats all. Or look at Japan, Brazil even, France, Britain, Canada and so fourth. All large economies but but not the model for America to be following either. Except for Brazil and Germany as it relates to energy and infrastructure.

Countries that are still developing and looking to advance and progress economically and perhaps across the board. That should look at the Nordic model would be countries like Cuba which of course with the Castro-Revolution. Has strong Socialist leanings but would like to see more freedom there and a country that economically is ready to take off. They already do some things very well like when it comes to education and healthcare. They have the people and workforce and could produce their own food and so fourth and produce the things they need to. Live well but they need their government to get out of their way and allow for these things to happen. And they could develop an economic system that allows for the Cuban people to live their own lives. And be able to make out of life what they make out of it and be successful on their own. But with the government providing the basic human services and infrastructure that all economies need to be successful.

America with our Liberal traditions and values will never be as Socialist as Scandinavia. Nor do we need to but we do need an economic system that works for more people where we have a. Larger middle class and workforce, where we are producing our own energy and importing a lot less if at all. A modern public infrastructure system that puts people to work but allows for all of us to get around the country in a timely and affordable way. And a public assistance and tax system that promotes success, economic development and freedom over dependence. With a public education system that empowers Americans to reach these things on their own.

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