Monday, October 29, 2012

CBS News: Bulletin- JFK Assassination Coverage :11/22/1963

Source:CBS News- longtime anchor Walter Cronkite, about to announce the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Source:The Daily Press 

"Assassination of John F. Kennedy, mortal shooting of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, as he rode in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. His accused killer was Lee Harvey Oswald, a former U.S. Marine who had embraced Marxism and defected for a time to the Soviet Union. Oswald never stood trial for murder, because, while being transferred after having been taken into custody, he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby, a distraught Dallas nightclub owner." 

From Britannica 

"This video footage from the late morning - early afternoon of Nov. 22nd 1963 was taped live from CBS. As is often the case with such events, the initial reports prove to be the most accurate... 

From PIDMR Documentaries

You hate to have something like a presidential assassination, or any assassination really have to be the test of the quality of your news coverage or not. But unfortunately greatness only tends to come in times of tragedy and when you’re tested. Times of war and being under attacked, when riots are going on, a death in the family, someone being out of work like your father, or another close relative and you don’t know what the future is going to look like and you fear for it. But unfortunately that is how humans tend to operate. When we’re not tested we tend to be somewhat lax and go back to our everyday normal activities.

And I think our network coverage from CBS News, perhaps especially as they were our biggest news operation back then and NBC News and even the much smaller ABC News, they were all really tested without precedent in how you cover a tragedy like this. 

No precedent in how you cover a presidential, or any other assassination in the electronic age of broadcast news and network news. All they had is the training and resources that they had to work with when. Which was make sure their people are on the story and getting the information needed and make sure the network executives are giving you the network air time to cover the story.

The JFK assassination is not the only reason why Walter Cronkite is America’s newsman and why we haven’t seen a network news anchor as good since. But it is certainly a reason, because you really got to see how professional and great he was and had to be and couldn’t afford any mistakes. 

You also got to see his human side especially when he announced the death of President John F. Kennedy. And you got to see how hard of an announcement it was for him to make. 

Cronkite, personally knew Jack Kennedy and personally liked him. So it must have been announcing the death of one of your friends on live on national TV. With millions of people watching you and he did it as well as it could’ve been done.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

WMAR-TV News: SUNDAY: Afternoon Sandy Update

Hoping for the best, that we get hit at night hopefully late night and have the daytime to deal with it

Friday, October 26, 2012

VOA News: Ethan Chorrin- 'What Next for Libya'


Source:VOA News- "Voice of America (VOA) is a U.S.[1] multimedia agency which serves as the United States government institution for non-military, external broadcasting. It is the largest U.S. international broadcaster. VOA produces digital, TV, and radio content in 47 languages which it distributes to affiliate stations around the globe. It is primarily viewed by foreign audiences, so VOA programming has an influence on public opinion abroad regarding the United States and its people." 

From Wikipedia


After the murder of U S Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, Libya, will Western governments "respond by disengaging, retreating or focusing only on the extirpation of radical elements?" That's the question asked by Ethan Chorin in a New York Times op-ed.  He's author of a new book "Exit the Colonel"  about the Libyan revolution and the last days of Moammar Gadhafi.

GUEST: Ethan Chorin: Author of the book, "Exit the Colonel." 

From VOA News

At risk of sounding corny, this is not the time to abandon Libya. Yes, the United States lost an Ambassador there and that of course is a tragedy, but that wasn't a result of the Libyan Government that now has a responsible government, but the fact that America didn't have adequate security there for the embassy. And the fact that the Libyan Government doesn't have adequate security yet, to avoid tragedies like this. 

What Libya needs now is for  America and Europe, as well as the Arab League to continue to work with the Libyan Government to help them get that economy going and give them military aid, as well as governmental aid so they can build up their government so Libya has the resources to able to govern and protect itself, so we can avoid tragedies there again. 

The last thing that Libya and the West needs is to see a failed State in a country thats as physically large as Libya and to see Libya become a terrorist state.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

ABC News: Good Morning America: Gas Prices in America Expected to Plunge After Reaching Record Highs

A couple reasons that we are gas prices have been volatile, going up and down, mostly up lately, have. To do with the economy going up and down and we are importing a lot of foreign oil, if we produced more of our own energy, across the board including in oil and gas, we could bring down our. Gas prices and keep them down, because we would be able to produce all of the energy that we would need to power our economy and country, we produce plenty of energy on our own.

Friday, October 19, 2012

ACLU: A Victory for Love: Federal Appeals Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional

The Defense of Marriage Act is clearly Unconstitutional, for the life of me I can't figure out why Bill Clinton. Signed this into law as President in 1996, a man whose a lawyer and whose suppose to be a Liberal Democrat and a big believer of Civil Rights, who served as Attorney General of his own State. Who now says signing DOMA in 1996 was the worst decision he's ever made, DOMA is Unconstitutional for 2-3 reasons, it violates the Equal Protection Clause, that protects all Americans. And gives all of use equal access under law and it also violates the 10th and 11th Amendments, that grant certain powers to the States, marriage has always been something thats been traditionally. Regulated by the States, that changed in 1996 when Big Government Republicans who believe the Federal Government, is apparently now powerful enough, pushed DOMA through Congress. DOMA has only stayed on the books as long as it has, because Right Wingers who believe homosexuals don't. Deserve the same Constitutional Rights as heterosexuals in America and see homosexuality as immoral or something, have ruled in favor of DOMA time after time.

Slate: Romney Boys Can't Contain Their Obama Debate Anger

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press: Slate: Romney Boys Can't Contain Their Obama Debate Anger

Not the most loving and respectful men of the presidency. The Romney Boys, they seem more like thugs working for their father. They seem to want to do what their father other than in the first presidential debate what their father couldn’t do. Which is to beat up President Obama, or at least beat him somewhere. I mean Mitt, clearly wins the first debate and is still clearly trailing the President in the Electoral College, despite now being neck in neck with the President in the popular vote. Mitt, doesn’t look like a winner right now, but someone whose trying to find any place where he can win. So he’s not the Mike Dukakis of the GOP. Someone who badly loses a presidential election that he should have won.

It’s hard to hear negative facts about your father especially in a political campaign. Especially when those facts are about one’s lack of experience, knowledge, judgement, honesty and even credibility. The Romney Sons, might know who Dad is, but the problem is their Dad won’t let the rest of the country know. Because he keeps turning into someone else depending on what office he’s running for, what year he’s running and the people he feels he needs to have supporting him. He’s Moderate Mitt in Massachusetts, he’s Religious Conservative Mitt in 2007 when he’s going for the Christian-Right in Iowa and South Carolina. And now he’s the businessman with results, even though as Governor of Massachusetts, he had a weak jobs record. And laid off a lot of people as a businessman.

Who is Mitt Romney and what do you believe in? Would be my question to him if I ever interviewed him. But I would be carrying a whole notepad of paper, or perhaps my laptop waiting for ten different answers to the same questions. As he’s telling us every different position he has on the same issue. And doing that for each issue. Americans are funny this way in that we like our presidential candidates to tell us who they are and what they believe with some consistency before we decide who we’re going to vote for, not after. I guess we’re just stubborn that way and don’t have much faith in coin flipping when it comes to choosing our political leaders. But we’re into finger flipping when it comes to political leaders that we don’t like. As Mitt knows all too well right now.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Hill: "Democratic Senate Hopefuls in Red States Wrestle With Threat From President Obama"

Democratic Senate hopefuls in red states wrestle with threat from Obama - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

President Obama losing big in some of these Red States, are the biggest threat right now to Senate Democrats. Losing the Senate, States like Nebraska to use as an example, with Democrat Bob Kerry but Senator Kerry could win that State on his own. Because they like and trust him more then his opponent, as well as Senator Kerry being known in Nebraska.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Associated Press: Warren Levinson- 'US Housing Construction Jumps to 4-year High'

Source:Associated Press- American construction.

"U.S. builders started construction on homes in September at the fastest rate since July 2008 and made plans to build even more homes in the coming months. The gains show the housing recovery is strengthening and could help the economy grow. (Oct. 17)" 

From Associated Press

Just another indicator that the economy is moving, with how the construction industry is moving and we'll probably see a jump in economic growth at the end of the year as a result and something like the American Jobs Act and a 5-10 year investment from the Federal Government as well as private sector, to rebuild the country. 

100-200B$ a year thats paid for in this venture, would complete a lot of much need work in our public infrastructure and put millions of Americans back to work rebuilding this country and we would see a big boost in economic growth as a result. 

This is something that the President wants to do, I just wish he would take the time to do it in one of these debates, because it would go a long way in laying out for the country what his second term would look like and why he should be reelected and is something that Mitt Romney wouldn't be able to counter him, probably call it nothing more then some new big spending program, when its not, its really about economic growth, that the Federal Government would invest part in, but not actually run the program.

Slate Magazine: Mitt Romney- 'Binders Full of Women Meme to Take Over The World'

Source:Slate Magazine- binders full of Hilary?

Source:The Daily Press

"The most substantive moments of last night's presidential debate may have been President Obama and Mitt Romney's heated exchanges over Libya and energy policy. But the Internet has its own favorite: Romney's pronouncement that he was given "binders full of women" to fill jobs in his cabinet when he was governor of Massachusetts. That came in response to a question about the glass ceiling and gender bias in pay.   

Before the debate even ended, a meme had sprouted on social media. Within minutes, a Tumblr account appeared, with crowd-sourced parody images that included Hillary Clinton, an '80s teen idol, and Beyoncé. By this morning, the Facebook community "Binders Full of Women" had more than 250,000 members.

In a debate full of curious phrasing, why did Romney's binders comment stand out? Slate's Amanda Marcotte wrote that the inelegant phrase resonated because it underlined Romney's "utter unwillingness to address the true causes of inequality."  

Is Mitt Romney capable of getting through an appearance, debate or otherwise, without making a gaffe? Or maybe these so-called gaffes aren’t gaffes and he actually believes in this, let's say garbage and it just slipped out. Does Mitt even at this point where he’s clearly trailing in big Republican states like Florida, Virginia and Ohio (where he needs to win at least two of those states in order to win the presidency) even want to be president? Or is he writing a new book, perhaps political manual on how not to run for president if you want to win. The title of the book actually being: “Mitt Romney’s: How Not to Run For President.” Maybe he’s hoping he can get Congress even with a Democratic Senate in it, to repeal the 19th Amendment that guarantees all American women the right to vote. And with that he wouldn’t have to bother campaigning for female voters.

I imagine when it comes to life in general and in business, Mitt Romney is a tall, handsome, young-looking (for a Baby Boomer) intelligent, good man. But when it comes to politics, he must have slept in when God was handing out political brains. I haven’t seen a national politician this weak when it comes to appealing to average voters since George H.W. Bush in 1992. When he didn’t know the price of milk and his own Vice President miss spells potato. And this is probably because President Bush hadn’t been to a grocery store and bought his own groceries in over twenty-years at that point. 

If I’m a woman (and no I’m not looking for a sex change) am I supposed to feel good about Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women”? Or should I take that as a guy who probably watches too much Cinemax late at night, because he can’t sleep, because from all the coffee he drinks on the campaign trail?

As a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is a gunslinger who always has his gun pointed at his feet and forgets turn the safety off. I don’t know how the man walks around anymore having shot off so many of his own toes. He barely beats a man who wants to take America back to 1955 in a national time machine where women weren’t supposed to work and perhaps even vote. Where gays were locked in prison cells and mental institutions, as well as closets. That being Rick Santorum of course and is now running against a President who struggles to hit fifty-percent when it comes to his own popularity. With high unemployment and weak economic growth. 

Mitt finds himself trailing in several big Republican states that he has to win, to a President who struggles to get to 50% approval. I mean is Mitt Romney really all the Republican Party has to offer for president? And is this the best they have? 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

National Geographic: Taboo: Modern Chain Gang

I'm all for putting inmates to work, thats exactly what we should be doing as a country, that just because. You've been convicted of breaking the law and in most cases guilty of the crime, that doesn't mean you get to live off of tax payers for free for your entire incarceration. That inmates should be using that time to not only be productive for the prison they are incarcerated at. But for themselves, so they can prepare themselves for life on the outside, so they don't end up back in prison but also productive for society, doing things that can help communities, like doing. Public Works in these works programs, I'm just not crazy about Chain Gangs, that takes us back to the early 20th Century and 19th Century and there are ways we can put our inmates to work thats. More humane and more productive for everyone involved.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Associated Press: University of Texas President- 'Diversity Benefits Us All'

Source:Associated Press- The President of the University of Texas, speaking about the decision.
"Supreme Court justices questioned the University of Texas' use of race in admissions in a case that could lead to new limits on affirmative action. The plaintiff in the case, Abigail Fisher, and the university's president spoke to reporters. (Oct. 10)"

From Associated Press

To me affirmative action is about equal protection under the law. Which is a core part of our Constitution. That all Americans regardless of race, ethnicity or gender, are entitled to the same protections under the law. Meaning that people in this country can't be denied access or rights because of their race, ethnicity or gender, that we can't be denied a job, housing or college, because of our race, ethnicity or gender, meaning the public or private sector. That no one regardless of race, ethnicity or gender can be turned down from these things, because of their race, ethnicity or gender.

Which gets into  my problem with affirmative action: if affirmative action was solely about recruitment, making sure that all Americans, especially people who come from underdeveloped backgrounds, in other words grew up in poverty and we as a society were going to reach out to these people, to let them know the benefits of getting a good education and a good job and so-forth, then I would not only have a problem with it, but I would also be in favor of it. But thats not what affirmative action is about.

The other part of affirmative action, is literally denying people an education or a job, because of their race, that there are too many of a certain race of people here and they can't accept anymore of that race at this time. Even if you are more qualified for the spot than the person or people we are considering for it right now. And to me as a non-lawyer that strikes me as unconstitutional on its face.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ABC News: Nightline- Bill Weir, Melrose Place Cast Reunion

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

I only caught the last couple seasons of Melrose Place, because at first I thought the writing was kinda cheesy. And I’m not a big fan of soap operas to begin with, but I was flipping around one Monday night, in I believe 1997, looking for something to watch before Monday Night Football. Which at that point I watched every Monday night and I caught a little of Melrose Place and I figured what the hell, I would watch a little of this before the game. And I couldn’t stop laughing, it was a very funny show with people constantly screwing over other people and doing it in such a casual way and the writing of it was actually pretty good.

I’m not a soap opera expert obviously, but I think a good soap opera has all the selfishness and people screwing others with very little fear about the consequences for themselves or the people they are screwing. As well as the crazy lives that only people in Hollywood could live and write into a script. But a good soap opera has great writing, very funny writing and very funny people in it. Which is why I’m actually a late, but definite fan of General Hospital, because that show essentially has a cast for comedians or comedic actors. Who are also great actors and combine both roles very well. People who improvise and with writers who give them great lines.
ABC News: Nightline- Bill Weir, Melrose Place Cast Reunion

Monday, October 8, 2012

David Von Pein: WFAA-TV News Dallas: Lee Harvey Oswald Has Been Shot

David Von Pein: WFAA-TV News Dallas: Lee Harvey Oswald Has Been Shot

A crazy month November, 1963. First the President of the United States, Jack Kennedy is assassinated. The National Football League suspends its games the following week and then the man who assassinated President Kennedy, is killed himself. It sort of looked like the world was coming undone and perhaps the last time that president’s were allowed to be that open and vulnerable in public. And that security was even tightened for people suspected of killing high-profile people whether they are politicians, or other celebrities.

Great books and documentaries have been made about these stories and the Federal Government thought they figured out how to deal with people who are so intent on assassinating politicians. But they let someone slip through in 1981, when John Hinkley was almost successful in murdering President Reagan. When the President was leaving a hotel, I believe the Mayflower in Washington. All of these events have made the American presidency less public and more closed to the American people.

A lot of people, columnists like George Will and others say and believe that the 1963 JFK Assassination was the end of the 1950s. And that assassination brought in the radicalization of the 1960s. And brought in a fairly violent decade. I and others would argue that a lot of that radicalism was necessary at least as it had to do the with civil rights movement and then later the anti-Vietnam War movement. But a lot of people were simply murdered in this decade that no one except for perhaps the haters of those murder victims see as positive things. Like President Kennedy, Dr. Martin L. King and later Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

AP: Raw: Voters Go to the Polls in Venezuela

Chavez Socialism may be headed out of power in Venezuela and they become a real Democratic Republic. With power less centralized.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Rhodes Show: The Buzz, The Red Sox Fire Bobby Valentine

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

I don’t want to excuse Bobby Valentine not working out in Boston, because he clearly has a role here. He never got his players behind him and become the leader of this team, which is the job of the manager. But the Red Sox didn’t give him much of an opportunity to succeed, there wasn’t a plan for him to succeed here. He inherited someone else’s team, as well as someone else’s coaching staff and was asked to make someone else’s team work for him and that generally doesn’t work. The Red Sox management and fans just had a very frustrating season losing ninety plus games, after barely missing the AL Playoffs in 2011. And this just added to that, but that is not all Bobby V, who was coming into a situation where he hadn’t managed in MLB for a long time and needed a good opportunity to get his footing down in MLB and needed a good team and staff around him to succeed.
Bobby Valentine

FRSFreeState: AP: Mark Hamrick: US Jobless Rate Falls to 7.8 Pct., 44-Month Low: A New Threshold For the American Economy

I think you would have to say this is good news, over 100K jobs created in September, as students are. Going back to school, jobs up in transportation and in healthcare, we are finally under 8% unemployment for the first time since February, 2009, hard to believe thats almost four years ago. So we seem to be moving in the right direction, just very slowly, like trying to push a mule with a. Squirrel, it would be nice if we would get back to 2005-06, where we are growing at around 5-6% GDP and producing 200K jobs each month. But instead we are growing at a little over 1%, less Economic Growth then in 2011, yet are unemployment is falling, we've managed not to fall back into recession. So again like I've been blogging about for over a year now, we are headed in the right direction but we are still moving very slowly, like trying to drive cross country, when flying would. Be a lot faster, its hard to move an economy with 1% Economic Growth, we should be growing at three times that, then business's would be making a lot more money and feel the need to hire, which. Is how you get to 200K plus jobs each month and you see unemployment fall, not because people have given up working but because we have a high demand for goods and jobs in the economy. And we are simply not there right now.

As far as how this report effects the Presidential Election, we'll know how the debate effects it by Sunday. But this could dampen whatever bump that Mitt Romney might get, because now the President can say, things are not only better then they were in 2009 but we are making the type of progress. That can get the economy back in shape, with more people working, he can now already say that more jobs have been created since he's been President, then lost and now he can say we are finally. Under 8% unemployment for the first time in almost four years and people who are not sure who to vote for yet, may get the feeling that we are finally on the right course or at least moving. In that direction so I'll stick with President Obama and not move to Mitt Romney, even though the President looked like a bad debater or a tired man on Wednesday. But we'll see how the polls look on Sunday and Monday.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MOX News: 1992 Presidential Debate with George HW Bush, Bill Clinton & Ross Perot

Source: MOX News-
Source: MOX News: 1992 Presidential Debate With George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton & Ross Perot

The 1992 townhall presidential debate was a history making presidential debate for a few reasons. The first one that was in a townhall format, where the contenders were on stage, but not stuck behind a podium. They could walk around and actually get close to the audience. And that was another thing the moderator was more of a referee than an interviewer, there to make sure that the contenders didn't go over time and try to keep them from dodging questions and even asking followups. As well as the audience being the interviewers. The debate was sort of like an afternoon talk show like Geraldo, Oprah, or, Donahue, or something.

And you had three contenders, President Bush, Governor Bill Clinton and businessman Ross Perot. A Republican, Democrat and Independent. Ross Perot was not buried at 1% or something, he was polling at around 20%, with none of the three contenders polling at 50% and I believe only one contender polling at over 40%.

America was just starting to recover from the recession of the early 1990s, with high unemployment, interest and inflation rates. Not crazy about Republicans who had the White House for twelve years, but not in love with Democrats and sure they should have Congress and the White House. Which was Ross Perot's opportunity to get into the presidential election. Bill Clinton already had the lead in this race going in, but this is the debate I believe, where he sold the deal. Where he was able to convince enough voters, that he was ready and up for the job and was able to layout a vision of what change would mean under him. It was also the debate where Ross Perot came off as likable and competent and not crazy. But I don't think enough people knew enough about him to give him the presidency. This was also President Bush's last opportunity to tell people why he should give another opportunity to be reelected.

But President Bush blew it, because he wasn't able to connect with people and once again looked out- of-touch and I believe failed to layout, how his second term would be different from his first term. How would things get better in a second Bush Administration. He made his campaign almost completely about foreign policy, his success's in foreign policy, when the country was just went through a recession and just starting to recover from it.

Monday, October 1, 2012

1976 Carter-Ford Presidential Debate From Williamsburg, VA: Carter Taking a Lead

The 1976 Presidential Election was very interesting for several reasons, because it was the first Presidential Election. Between an incumbent President, who wasn't elected to the Presidency or Vice Presidency in Gerald Ford, who was appointed to Vice President, after Vice President Spiro Agnew. Resigned and then became President after President Richard Nixon resigned due to Watergate and it was the first Presidential Election after the Watergate Scandal and Congressional Democrats gained. Big in Congress in 1974 as a result and were flying high going into 1976, with a fairly united party around Jimmy Carter, who was a fairly Liberal Governor, especially as Governor of Georgia. The Republican Party was divided between President Ford and Ronald Reagan, almost completely divided between the two of them, a big reason why Governor Carter went into the conventions. That summer with around a thirty point lead, plus President Ford wasn't very popular, due to the pardoning of President Nixon in 1974 and an economy that was recovering from the 1974-75. Recession and that was recovering slowly, that would only get worse in the late 1970s, so this was a big opportunity for Democrats in 1976.

What we got from this debate, was a clear choice and two different visions of where we should go forward. As a country, between a real Conservative Republican in Gerry Ford and a Moderate Liberal Democrat in Jimmy Carter, two people who were interested in moving the economy forward but doing it. In a Fiscally Responsible way, because they were both worried about the high deficit, inflation and interest rates and we were just two years after President Nixon resigning. Due to Watergate and just four years after the Watergate Scandal broke and the question was where would we go from here and how do we bring trust and respect back to the Federal Government. Gerry Ford was a very good, respectful man and honest man but he pardoned perhaps the most corrupt and one of the. Most unpopular Presidents we've ever had, I agree with the pardon but President Ford knew when he pardoned Dick Nixon, that he would pay a heavy price for it, which is exactly what he did and. Was still paying that price in 1976.

I think this debate was pretty even and no clear winner, except for the gaffe that President Ford made. Regarding Eastern Europe, saying that the Soviet Union didn't control Eastern Europe and didn't haven't over influenced those Communist Republics, which of course is wrong and President Ford. Knew that, he probably meant to say that these countries wouldn't become part of Russia, under a Ford Administration but thats now what he said and he looked out of touch as a result.

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