Friday, February 8, 2013

Foreign Affairs: Economy: Roger C. Altman: The Fall and Rise of The West

The Fall and Rise of the West: pWhile the grim effects of the 2008 financial crisis still resonate across the globe, the recession wasn't all bad: it triggered fundamental economic restructuring, and the result is a U.S. economy poised to emerge stronger than it was before. Although it's too soon to say with certainty, even Europe may come out ahead./p

I like where America is headed economically in the next 5-10 years if we successfully address the national debt and deficit quickly. Because we have energy and manufacturing industries that are poised for a boom as well as a housing market thats coming back as well. We still have to move forward in infrastructure investment and encouraging American business's and others to invest in the United States. Because right now they are sitting on trillions of dollars that could be invested in America that would spark. Economic and job growth but because we addressed the Great Recession when we did and are now dealing with. Our national debt and deficit we are poised to rebound and hopefully put our economy back where it was in. 2005 and 2006 but go further and we have work to do as it relates to. Our immigration system and we need to address poverty in America. Bring down our level of poverty and put those people to work so they can take care of themselves and not collecting from. Public assistance which would also help us bring down. Our debt and deficit because we would have more workers paying income taxes.

In the next two years if America address's its debt and deficit successfully and quickly. We'll have the opportunity to address four key areas that will all benefit our economy and allow for us to not only grow. Our economy but expand our economy and make it larger and more productive with rising wages across the board. These four areas are immigration, infrastructure, energy and education and all four of these areas result in investment. In the American economy which leads to economic and job growth, so both America and Canada both are in solid position to move their economies forward. And be able to compete very well with the emerging superpowers in the World. China, Russia, Brazil and India whereas Europe is still stuck in neutral or declining and have issues they still need to address. So their economy can finally start recovering again.

CBS: CSI Miami's Rest in Pieces: Raquel Welch Guest Stars

Still Red-Hot
CBS: CSI Miami's Rest in Pieces: Raquel Welch Guest Stars

Raquel Welch, not only playing a grandmother, but a bad girl on the same show. Nope! Sorry, not buying it. For one, she’s still too damn hot to be playing a grandmother. Maybe when she turns a hundred will she finally be able to pull off the grandmother. And maybe pigs will be flying and Mississippi will become an Islamic State by them. With Billy Joe and Jimmy Ray, wearing turbans as well. And two, she’s too damn cute to be playing a bad girl. Well actually that works for her, because she would be one of the last women people would assume as a bad girl, because she’s still real hot and has the baby-face going for her when she smiles, or is even pissed off. In all seriousness this looks like a good show and I wish I had watch it. Because Raquel is on it, but it looks like a good episode as well.

Horatio, (played by David Caruso) I guess the lieutenant on this show. Really has his work cut out for him. The lead criminal is a red-hot Latina goddess and his professionalism will really be put to the test on this show. He’s going to have to try to catch a women and put her organization away without falling for the urge to want to bang her. (Good luck Chuck!) Or at the very least get very close with Vina Navarro, (played by the red-hot Raquel Welch) who is the leader of a very powerful crime family in Miami. Responsible for several murders and runs a narcotics operation. Perhaps has politicians in their back pockets. A really bad crew as far as the damage they can bring. And Horatio almost has to do this job blindfolded, at least when he’s around Vina, or has David Caruso put it in the promo for this show, he may fall for her power and sex appeal and be sucked in by her.

David Caruso, I believe at least is a great actor. He plays the tough smart cop very well, as you see on this show and if you’re familiar with the movie Body Count back in 1998, he also plays the wise-cracking funny bad guy stoned killer as well. Someone who knows what they want and won’t let anyone stop him. Who also can make you laugh knows how to put people in their place with humor. Raquel Welch, is still so red-hot that she’s been banned from both the North and South poles, because they don’t want any more ice to melt. Scandinavia, doesn’t want her in the winter either. (Ha, ha) And yet she’s also a hell of an actress who uses her tremendous sex appeal and adorability as an actress to bring viewers in, but has this great charm and credibility as an actress that you believe whatever role she’s playing, because she’s playing it. This looks like a real good show and hopefully I’ll see it on demand, or in syndication.

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