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NFL Films: NFL 1976- Game of The Week: NFC Final: Los Angeles Rams vs Minnesota Vikings

Source:NFL Films- LA Rams WR Ron Jessie and RB Lawrence McCutcheon.
Source:The New Democrat

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Source:CBS Sports- The Los Angeles Rams and Minnesota Vikings, for the 1976 NFL-NFC Championship.
1976 was probably the Rams best opportunity to beat the Vikings in the NFC Final. This was an aging Vikings team that no longer had that dominant defense that they had before, with all of their great defenders in their early or mid thirties and even older than that. The Rams were still a fairly young, but veteran team, that Chuck Knox put together in Los Angeles. That had probably one of the top four defenses in the NFL, that also had one of the better running games in the NFL as well.

But Chuck Knox was called Ground Chuck for a great reason: he ran the ball probably 35-40 times a game and at least sixty-percent of the time, or more. And didn’t utilize his other weapons on offense in the passing game. And unless you’re blowing away the defense consistently in the running game and getting big plays from that and big runs and scoring touchdowns, which the Rams didn’t do much in this game, you’re going to struggle against tough defenses that the Vikings still had in 76, that also were good and balanced on offense.

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