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First Lady Announces Healthier US School Meals: One way to cut our Healthcare Costs

America has a Healthcare System where we spend roughly 3T$ in an economy of 15T$ or 17-18% of our Gross National Product or GDP. We by far spend more of our GDP on our Healthcare System then any other Industrialized or Developed Nation in the World. And one of those reasons why, is that we don't take care of ourselves very well as a country. We eat too much, we don't eat healthy enough, we don't exercise enough. And then we wonder why half of America is either overweight or obese. Obesity is a disease that leads into other diseases that are even worse like diabetes or cancer. So if we just took better care of ourselves as a country, that alone would bring down our Healthcare Costs down. Because we would have less obese people, less people going to the Emergency Room with things like Heart Attacks, strokes. And other Preventable Emergencies, people consuming less Healthcare in America, because they would be healthier. And not have to consume as much Healthcare. Which would also make Safety Net Programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Public Hospitals more affordable. It would also make our Private Health Insurance and Healthcare System more affordable. Because they would end up treating less people with Life Threatening Conditions. Like obesity, diabetes, cancer and others, because we wouldn't have as much people. With these conditions, because they would be taking better care of themselves.

What I'm talking about, in case it isn't obvious enough, is called Preventive Care. Thats what First Lady Obama was talking about today, she was promoting a form of Preventive Care. Which is eating healthy promoting Healthy Meals in our Public Schools, children are the easiest and most important group to address first. When we are talking about eating healthy and exercising while in school and out of school. So they can avoid developing Unhealthy Conditions once they become adults. Again obesity and your going to hear obesity a lot in this blog and if your currently obese. Its not to make fun of you but just because I care a lot about it. I have a Chronic Obese good friend, my Maternal Grandmother died from Colon Cancer. She was something like 100 pounds overweight, so its something that I care a lot about. Obesity, there it is again is a Preventable Disease, of course there are people who inherit that condition. From their parents and grandparents but obesity also comes when you don't take care of yourself. When you overeat, you don't eat well, a lot of Junk Food and Drink, you don't exercise, you don't even like to exercise. And focusing on children who aren't obese yet or are headed down that road. Is a great place to start and then we can help Obese Adults as well.

So if we were just to get Junk Food and Drink our of all of our Public Schools and just ban them. Establish k-12 Physical Education and force students to pass twelve years of Public Education. And actually require them to pass it and not just show up, participate in the activities and give their best effort. Tax Junk Food and Drink high, encourage people to eat healthy with discounts. And encourage exercise with Tax Credits, these things alone would bring down our Healthcare Costs. Because we would be healthier as a country and not have to consume as much Healthcare in the future.

Talking Points Memo: Video: Representative Michelle Bachmann, "We Should be Less Socialist Like China"

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About three weeks ago after Representative Michelle Bachmann did Minnesota and the United States a favor by dropping out of the Republican race for president and then announcing a few days later that she wasn’t going to run for reelection to the House. That because of these things and that Michelle Bachmann would hopefully go home go back to the mental hospital, go back to high school and take a class on American history. Take a course about foreign policy and get the help that she needs. So in the future she’ll say less ignorant things and present them as fact.

Well that all sounds like a dream now and after she announced she’s running for reelection to the House. Hopefully House Democrats will give her a tough run this time, especially now that Representative Bachmann is very unpopular. Not only in her home State of Minnesota, but in her House district, thanks to her presidential campaign. After making a short story longer, I told myself that I was going to layoff Representative Bachmann, at least until her general election campaign in the fall. In the House and that’s assuming she wins the Republican primary, that might not be a safe bet after her presidential campaign, which is why she’s so unpopular in Minnesota right now.

So I found another ignorant thing that Representative Bachmann said in one of the November debates. When her presidential campaign was already on life support, something her political strategist Ed Rollins figured out. Which is why he resigned, but she didn’t figure out until January after getting just 5% of the vote in Iowa. During the November debate, Scott Pelley anchor of the CBS Evening News, asked the candidates something about the economy. And basically asked Representative Bachmann what is her economic policy, or something to that effect. She said in her own words, first she goes off about the LBJ Great Society and said that China doesn’t have things like cash transfers and Food Stamps as she called it. It’s no longer called Food Stamps.

And then Representative Bachmann said that “America should become less socialist like China”. Apparently according to Michelle Bachmann, America is more socialist than China. China being a country with state-owned industries. What’s the classic definition of socialism. The state owns the means and production of society. State-owned industries fits that like a glove. Now of course the People’s Republic no longer fits the classic definition of socialism. Which is good for them and the main reason why their economy is now the 2nd largest in the world, sorry Japan. Because they’ve privatized their economy and now have probably the largest growing private sectors in the world.

Representative Bachmann also said that China doesn’t have a welfare state unlike America. This is a person who serves on the House Intelligence Committee by the way. If being intelligent was a requirement to serve on that committee, Michelle Bachmann wouldn’t be qualified to serve on that committee. Article 14 of the P.R. Constitution China’s version of the U.S. Constitution, but obviously a hell of a lot different, states that the state meaning the P.R. Central Government builds and improves a welfare system that corresponds with the level of economic development in the country.

China has a Ministry of Human Resources and social welfare. That oversees a safety net that has programs like, cash transfers. Sounds like welfare or unemployment insurance right. Food assistance, sounds like Food Stamps right. Money for education for people who can’t afford to send their kids to school. Vouchers for health care and I’m sure other things as well. Representative Michelle Bachmann is a three term U.S. Representative from Minnesota, elected in 2006. The year Congressional Democrats took back Congress.

Michelle serves on the House Intelligence Committee, but she knows so much that isn’t true or just makes up things. As she goes along, she’s extremely partisan by nature, so maybe that’s her issue and that’s the closest thing I’ll say to being nice to her. Yet she’s constantly saying things that aren’t true. And hopefully as a result she won’t be back to serve in the 113th Congress next year.
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