Monday, March 25, 2013

Think Progress: Politics: John Halpin: The Obama Coalition, The Working Class, And RFK: The Future of Liberal-Democratic Politics

The Obama Coalition, The White Working Class, And RFK: pThis is part 2 of a series on RFK and the Obama coalition.  Part 1 is here. The potential of the new Obama coalition is truly impressive, given its 2012 performance and how many of its constituent parts are likely to grow in numbers over the course of the decade.  But the word “potential” should [...]/p

The future of the Democratic Party to me at least and I really believe this is true. Is the Free State of Maryland as we are called, perhaps the most Liberal, not Socialist or Progressive but Liberal in a real. Sense state in the union, just like I believe the future of the Progressive movement is in Vermont but in a Progressive-Federalist sense. What has Maryland been doing. Just legalize Gay marriage and gambling including casinos, we are about to decriminalize marijuana and legalizing marijuana will be next. Medical marijuana is also coming to Maryland, we have the best public schools in the nation including colleges. We are one of the wealthiest states in the union if you look at our per capita income. We just abolished the death penalty, all of these things happening under Liberal-Democratic leadership led by. Governor Martin O'Malley and a Democratic State Assembly as well. Who fits in not only very well with Maryland-Democrats but national Democrats as well which. Is why I believe he'll make a great Democratic Presidential candidate in 2016 and why he might be the future of the Democratic Party.

The future of the Democratic Party is a very Liberal party on social issues that believes individuals should have the freedom. To make their own decisions as they relate to their own lives thats against discrimination and denying people freedom based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality or. Nationality that has an economic-Liberal message thats about expanding economic freedom for people who need it and creating. Good jobs, rebuilding our infrastructure system and an education system that provides economic opportunity for everyone. This is basically round two of the Bill Clinton era that Barack Obama had a lot to do as far as putting together and forming a governing coalition that could not. Only lead Democrats back to power but also had an agenda that it could put in place and be able to get reelected as well.

This is no longer your fathers or grandfathers Democratic Party of FDR, LBJ and George McGovern. The FDR/LBJ coalition is gone but the McGovern coalition is still there and represents what is the New-Left in America. That is antiwar period and basically anti-state all together as it relates to national security and law enforcement. But very pro-state as it relates to the economy and believes the Federal Government has a big role to play there. And this is a movement that was born in the 1960s as a reaction towards the Vietnam War and in support of the Great Society. But they don't run the Democratic Party and are not the future of it.

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