Friday, December 12, 2014

I Married a Woman (1958) Starring Diana Dors & George Gobel

Source:The New Democrat

I'm going to try to write this post without sounding sexist as a man, but I think especially with this day and age that will be difficult and at the very least it come off as politically incorrect, at least the political correctness Left in America. But this movie you have a women at home who thinks her husband doesn't pay enough attention to her. Played by the hot, sexy baby-face adorable Diana Dors and her idea of marriage seems to be what she sees from John Wayne in his last movie where he's spoiling his wife and giving her all sorts of gifts.

She's married to a man named Micky played by the tiny, but very funny George Gobel. They make a really adorable couple, because Diana is taller than George, but has a baby's face and her husband almost looks like a little boy next to her. Shorter and smaller than his wife. Mickey is a very busy New York advertising executive with a very big account he's working on a a tight deadline to get it done and works for a boss who only sees the green picture. The money and doesn't want to hear about what his top adman by being going through at home.

Mickey loves Janice and Janice loves Mickey, but Janice believes that Mickey doesn't pay her enough attention. And sees marriage based on what she sees from Hollywood. So Mickey is left with a wife at home who already believes she doesn't give her enough attention. And an overbearing boss at work who is putting the future of the company in the lap of Mickey. Telling him "if you don't come through, all of these people who work here are going to be out of jobs and everything else". And Mickey has to figure out how to balance these new pressure together. A wife who thinks he doesn't love her enough and an overbearing boss who is putting the future of the company in his hands.

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